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SearchWorks offers a full range of SEO Services to help you gain the search ranking edge necessary for growing your business. Here’s what we’ve been doing well for our clients in the past few years.

Why Choose SearchWorks?

Here is why entrepreneurs, marketing leaders and digital marketing agencies constantly seeking
SearchWorks’ services:

Proven Track Record

We’ve helped startup and enterprise-level organizations across a diverse set of niches accomplish their SEO goals and general marketing goals.

Proven Track Record
A Fully Certified Team

All of SearchWorks search marketers are certified by Google for their advertising and web analytics platforms.

A Fully Certified Team
Ethical Practices

We use white hat SEO to make sure your site succeeds without putting it at risk from Google penalties.

Man Using Laptop
Value For Money

We offer premium services rendered by Google certified individuals at cost-effective rates.

Value For Money
Credible Management

Our senior management team is composed of respected authorities in the field of SEO, analytics, PPC and usability.

Credible Management
Complete Transparency

We offer full campaign visibility and comprehensive reporting to give clients the peace of mind that they deserve.

Complete Transparency

What Our Clients are Saying

Why Hire a Philippine SEO Company?

The Philippines is one of the biggest and most cost-effective labor markets in the world. Once known primarily for its blooming call center industry, the Philippines outsourcing scene has expanded rapidly to other fields including digital marketing. To date, the demand for the Philippine-based SEO service continues to grow as more companies in the US, the UK and Australia realize the potential of investing in a vibrant marketplace of talent. Here are some of the reasons why everyone from SMEs to blue chip brands prefer SEO agencies from the Philippines:

An Educated Labor Market
An Educated Labor Market

The Philippines produces hundreds of thousands of college graduates every year. When a client hires a digital marketing agency, the people who’ll be working on their site are likely to be well-educated, talented and determined to prove themselves in an ultra-competitive labor environment.

High English Proficiency
High English Proficiency

English is taught from preschool to college to every Filipino student. That gives us a language edge against other hotbeds of outsourced work. When you work with a SEO agency in the Philippines, you can be sure that language barriers won’t be an issue.

Value for Money
Value for Money

The Philippine digital marketing scene is a closely-knit one where most professionals are acquainted hundreds of other local practitioners. Every year, dozens of trainings, seminars and conferences are conducted all over the Philippines to raise the level of knowledge in the industry as a whole.

A Passion for Knowledge
A Passion for Knowledge

Due to the fact that it’s a developing economy, the cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than that of Western nations. That also means the cost of services like SEO is only a fraction of what a US-based firm would charge. 

The SearchWorks SEO Process

The SearchWorks SEO Process
Technical SEO

Technical SEO is cornerstone of every successful optimization campaign. This is the aspect of SEO that ensures your website is stable, crawlable, fast and secure. It’s also concerned with the cleanliness of your site’s code, the management of indexing pages and ensuring that your site has all its loose ends tied up.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the process of applying SEO best practices to vital elements in a page’s HTML. This includes the optimization of its title tags, meta description, headline tags, structured data, and more. The optimization of images and internal links also falls into this facet of SEO.

Content Development

Ranking pages according to the quality of their content is at the heart of every search engine’s algorithms. SearchWorks specializes in developing compelling, well-optimized content that will curry the favor of both human users and search engines.

Content Promotion

Your website’s content is useless unless your audience has a means to find it. SearchWorks addresses this challenge by executing off-page SEO campaigns powered by activities such as link building, citation building, news releases and more.

Analytic and Improvement

SearchWorks continuously monitors your website’s traffic performance, allowing us to see and interpret data that’s used to measure success and guide improvements.

Not All Filipino SEO Companies are Equal

A vector of digital marketing

Not all SEO companies are equal. In as much as the best SEO companies in the Philippines want to deliver quality SEO, there will always be a few rotten eggs in the basket. You’ll see them ranking high in search results, but on look at their link profiles will tell you a lot about how they got there. If they can cheat their way to the top, what can you expect them to do with their client’s sites?

SearchWorks proudly rises above the black hat SEO and avocates the use of legitimate practices to give website greater search visibility. With the recent Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates from Google, the writing on the wall is pretty clear. Search engines will always crack down on practices that seek to manipulate their rankings. The future of SEO is about creativity and editorial excellence: two values that SearchWorks uphold to its business methods.

The next time you see a SEO company offering services for $300 a month, stop and think about how they can possibly deliver on their “guarantees”. Either you’re being lied to or they’re paying their staff wages that most of us would deem subhuman. In SearchWorks, we believe in the old adage that you get what you pay for. Our Price ranges may not be dirt cheap, but that’s because we pay for the best talent that we can find to work for our client’s sites.

If you’re looking for a good SEO partner in the Philippines, look no further than SearchWorks. Send your inquiry over at the Contact Page to get the discussion started.

SearchWorks FAQs

SearchWorks get asked a lot of common questions by people who inquire about our SEO services.
Here are just some of them:

Almost any business endeavor has inherent risks. That applies to search engine optimization as well as other forms of digital marketing. However, you can minimize the risks of failure by doing due diligence on the craft of SEO and carefully selecting the right service provider.

Professional and competent SEO companies will be able to answer your questions and set the right expectations regarding your website’s chances of success. They should also tell you early on what’s achievable, what’s not and what the timetable is.

If you have risks of penalty in mind, the answer depends on the methods used by the SEO company you choose to work with. Some companies rank well on Google thanks to shady practices that the search engine discourages. If they have that tendency, it’s easy to surmise that they won’t hesitate to use questionable methods on your site, too. Good SEO companies, on the other hand, use strategies that adhere to Google’s terms and standards, making the risks nearly non-existent.

There are several things that set us apart, but we’ll tell you the three biggest SearchWorks advantages: excellence, professionalism and responsiveness. These traits have allowed us to maintain long-standing partnerships with clients, receive regular business referrals and most importantly, do bigger business with current clients as they expand with our help.

Excellence. From our SEO specialists to our content creators, SearchWorks hires only talented, bright and good-natured employees. We take great pride in our ability to impress clients with our skills and build trust with our reliability. All of these things translate into the kind of SEO results we generate for our customers.

Professionalism. Our core team is composed of veteran marketing executives from Fortune 500 corporations. This level of polish shows in our communication skills, attention to detail, deep understanding of business concepts, technical savvy and candor. That’s much more than what you can say about SEO companies in the Philippines founded by people fresh off college who are just hoping to cash in.

Responsiveness. At SearchWorks, we know that being a service provider isn’t just about SEO: it’s also about all the little things that make a business relationship rewarding for both parties. That’s why we take responsiveness very seriously. When you’re with SearchWorks, you can expect to be treated like the valuable client that you are. This means quick responses to emails, punctuality during client calls and timeliness in reporting.

Simply fill out the Contact Us form and tell us about your SEO needs. It will also help to provide details such as the nature of your business, your target audience and your budget for SEO.

If your needs seem like they’re something we can help with, we’ll provide a free preliminary SEO audit and a quote based on the work your site requires.

Rates vary depending on a few factors such as the size of the website, its goals, its target audience, its industry and the scope of work necessary to fulfill its goals. A typical SEO campaign’s retainer usually at $1,000 per month. Naturally, more demanding engagements can cost significantly more than that.

We don’t hold our clients to binding contracts. We have a terminate-anytime policy. We like earning our keep and we’d hate to retain clients using small technicalities when they want out. SearchWorks bets on itself and we only want you around if we’re able to please you.

You can choose to go on and chase after bigger goals or you can stop with the services and do things on your own. We are happy to see you succeed, even if that means you feel you can sustain success even without our assistance.

We’ll send you a final report and turn over all login credentials entrusted to us. We will also renounce access to whatever subscriptions and services we entered in your behalf. You can still reach out to us in the future to ask questions at no charge to you.

Yes, we are one of the very few SEO companies in the Philippines that offer satisfaction guarantees. If for whatever reason our clients are not satisfied with our service, they can automatically terminate the engagement and receive a full refund of the last month’s payment.

In a word: seamlessly. We like it when our clients have dedicated internal marketing personnel. This means that there will always be people we can consult and collaborate with.

We’re not out to replace your staff. On the contrary, our goal is to complement them. We believe that there are aspects of digital marketing best handled by internal personnel while there are facets to it that agencies like SearchWorks can do better. Things like link building,. Content creation and technical audits are just some of the SEO work that are better delegated to agencies.

We understand that different vendors need to be hired for different things by your business. SearchWorks plays nice with each of them because we understand that everyone shares the same goal: your success. Whether you have third-party web developers, graphic designers, video editors, PPC specialists or web designers, SearchWorks will communicate with them in a professional, constructive and respectful manner.