5 Social Media Opportunities That Most Businesses Overlook

Businesses have taken to Social Media to further their reach. Social Media Marketing is the use of all forms of social media networking sites to provide updates, marketing message dissemination, and give potential customers important information about their product in a fun and interesting ways.

People now turn to the internet when it comes to looking for information, most people are online looking for anything that interest them when they’re relaxing at home, in the bus on their way to work, or any form of downtime. Taking advantage of this knowledge will be very advantageous for small and big businesses alike, given that they know how to utilize it and put it into good use. It is important that business know how to use this platform correctly to maximize the results.

Unfortunately, not all aspects of this marketing are used the right way. Here are some of the things that businesses overlook:

  1. Social Media Customer Service

Customer Service is the backbone of any business. Customers who do not get the service and treatment they think they deserve will not have a second thought when it comes to jumping to your competitors just to see if they will give better service. In the digital age, 67% of customers use social media to get 24/7 real-time customer support. Customers want convenience and will easily opt for business that will give them the assistance they need when they need it. Numerous businesses now are jumping on the bandwagon not just to reach customer expectations, but also to save on costs. Phone support may cost up to $6 per call, while social media customer service is just $1 per interaction. Getting a social media account just for customer service not just to improve your customer’s experience, but it will also save company cost. This is also a great way to get data from your customers to improve your business through surveys and demographic analysis.

  1. Never Leave Queries of Client Unanswered

What every the reason or topic maybe, when a customer reaches out to a business, never ignore the opportunity to interact with a client. It may be a simple query, a complaint, or a seemingly inane interaction; it is a great way to show your customers how much they mean to your business. Your business is nothing if it is not for your customers; they have to know that you care about them and are very grateful for their patronage. Always keep them engaged, if they reach out to you, then you already have them on the line, all you need now is to reel them in.

  1. Organic Reach Through Employees Social Accounts

Businesses quickly jump to advertising to reach out customers failing to realize that the opportunity to widen their reach is closer to home. As stated in one ebook talking about Social Media Marketing, companies can earn at least eight times more when it comes to social media shares when they get to implement a good employee advocacy plan. Imagine a company with at least 10 employees, and those employees would reach out to 10 of their friends; the business will have a bigger chance of getting 100 new customers from their employees. Getting your employees to talk to their connections about the company will be more meaningful since this is not just any blind advertising but a peer-to-peer discussion. People are more likely to listen and take action when word comes from someone they trust.

  1. Plan ahead and Use Scheduling

Giving all your content in one go, or uploading promotions willy-nilly can get your message across, but not as effective as pre-planned execution. Scheduling the release of your content help the audience get the right information at the most optimum time without inundating the viewers of flooding their emails and news feed with information that may also be washed out by other content. With scheduling, companies can create a steady flow of information even when the publisher is away from the office giving the business more out of each day. Using an auto-scheduler will give business the ability to post their content on the best times of the day for your target audience.

  1. Track Competitors and Measure Success with Analytics

Success is nothing if it is not measured. Once that you already have your social media plan in place, keep an eye on the performance after it has been implemented to see how well your contents is working for your customers. Applications like Facebook insights and Google Analytics show you when is the best time your fans are online, how many of them see your posts, and if these are shared to friends. This information is vital to ensure that you publish content that is relevant and that views are optimized when your followers are online; comparing your statistics to your competitor takes the use of this data to another level. More information can be derived when you see how well your content is performing in contrast to the information posted by competitors giving you more insight on your next step which will be a great advantage. Customers can give reviews like shopify customer reviews that will help to increase goodwill.


Glen Dimaandal
Glen Dimaandal
Glen Dimaandal is the founder and CEO of SearchWorks.Ph. He has been doing SEO since 2008 and is consistently featured in mainstream media and industry conferences. His core skills include SEO, SEM, data analytics and business development.
Glen Dimaandal
Glen Dimaandal
Glen Dimaandal is the founder and CEO of SearchWorks.Ph. He has been doing SEO since 2008 and is consistently featured in mainstream media and industry conferences. His core skills include SEO, SEM, data analytics and business development.