6 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Thanks to the technologies available today, searching for information has never been easier. There’s no need to fumble with your device’s keyboard to make a quick online query—just ask Siri, Alexa, or your Google Assistant and, like magic, the info you need will be readily available to you.

This era of technological advancement has spurred the rise of voice search as a viable alternative to the conventional text search. For instance, today’s digital assistants have become more advanced and can understand natural language queries more accurately than ever before. In addition, smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo have become a standard fixture in most modern homes and offices worldwide. There’s now a pretty large population of people using voice search to control their smart homes, play music, and find information on the web.

According to a survey done by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 71 percent of respondents prefer to use voice assistants to make a query rather than typing it out. Knowing how many of your own customers may want to find information about your business through voice search, you’ll want to invest in optimizing your website for voice search by your own means or through professional web design services. This is an important investment to make if you want to reach your target audience and stay competitive.

Here are six reasons to optimize your website for voice search with a trusted web design partner like SearchWorks.PH and achieve better SEO, better user experience (UX), and better visibility on the web as a result:

Voice Search Is Growing in Popularity

As mentioned above, voice search has become increasingly popular in recent years. Thanks to its hands-free nature, voice search is ideal for people who cannot use their hands to operate their devices, such as when cooking or driving. It also makes devices more accessible to people with disabilities, allowing them to access services and information quickly.

A study by Comscore estimated that 50 percent of all searches would be voice searches by 2022. Now that many people choose to do voice search over text search, you’ll want to optimize your website so that you don’t miss out on the traffic that’s generated by the former.

Voice Search Can Improve SEO

Around 58 percent of consumers have utilized voice search to look for local business information in 2022, according to BrightLocal. The rise of voice search has prompted search engines to prioritize voice-friendly websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimizing your website for voice search will increase your website visibility and allow you to rank higher in SERPs. In addition, voice search optimization will provide a better user experience for your audience overall, which may lead to more visits and enhanced engagement.

You’ll Also Be Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

Smart speakers and smartphones are the two most popular devices for voice search. As such, optimizing for voice search means that you’re optimizing your website for mobile devices at the same time.

In today’s digital age, websites that aren’t accessible to mobile phone users will miss out on many interactions and sales. Most businesses are already developing mobile-responsive websites, but you can have the edge over those in your industry if you roll out an effective strategy for voice searching.

You’ll Be Able to Take Advantage of Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are highlighted boxes at the top of Google’s search results. Voice assistants often read them aloud, making them a prime opportunity for voice search optimization. According to a study by Ahrefs, 12.29 percent of all search queries have a featured snippet. Optimizing your website for featured snippets can increase your chances of being featured on Google and reach more customers through voice search.

Voice Search Enhances User Experience

Optimization for voice search can also significantly improve a website’s UX. People who use voice search typically do so because it is considerably faster and more convenient than typing, especially when they’re multitasking. In addition, voice search often yields more accurate results, reducing the time and effort required from customers to find the information they need.

You can also take the opportunity to optimize your website for voice search as a means of making it more inclusive overall. Because of its hands-free nature, voice search is often the more accessible option for users with physical or visual disabilities who may have difficulties with more conventional input methods. The ability to use voice search to find info and complete a transaction on your website will validate their independence and make their experience of your business website a positive and memorable one.

Being Visible via Voice Search Will Make You More Competitive

Not all businesses are aware of the importance of optimizing for voice search. But by adapting to technology today, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure you are not left behind. This is especially important when you consider just how much traffic is being generated by voice search. Voice search features are used by 50 percent of the US population daily and at least once a week by more than one third (or 34 percent) of the population. Make your business more visible to this growing population of voice search users and be at the top of customer’s minds when they’re buying products or engaging in services for your industry.

If you’re part of a business looking to attract more traffic in the coming years, optimizing your website for voice search is a necessity. Taking the necessary steps will help you reach more potential customers and improve your bottom line. Find out how you can make your website more visible and conducive to voice searches and partner up with the web design experts at SearchWorks now.

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