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SearchWorks is a fast-rising, full service search engine optimization (SEO) agency in the Philippines. We are proudly registered under the Philippine Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as a privately-owned startup corporation serving both local and foreign clients. SearchWorks provides agency-style search marketing services to businesses in need of greater online visibility.

Contact us today for a free analysis and quote!

Our job is to give your website a stronger presence in search engines, leaving you free to focus on running a competitive business. We have the manpower, the processes and the technology required to put your site in position of strength in your chosen vertical. Backed by 30+ years of combined experience, SearchWorks is an SEO agency that delivers comprehensive solutions for all your online marketing challenges.

Clients have come to embrace SearchWorks as their agency of choice for the following reasons:

  • Hands-on SEO Programs – SearchWorks believes that each client website has a distinct set of needs. In that regard, we carefully examine each one’s business identity, goals and requirements for success. Only by getting to know a business and its website inside out can we create a strategy that will maximize the site’s potential. When you approach SearchWorks, our team of SEO experts will prepare a free analysis and proposal so you can see exactly what you’ll get when you enlist our help.
  • 100% Ethical Practices – Like any other business process, there are right and wrong ways of doing SEO. Our methods are 100% white hat — that means we follow Google’s quality guidelines strictly as we help your site climb the rankings. We don’t try to game the system – we try to make it work for the benefit of your business without the risk of invoking penalties.
  • A Reputation to be Proud of – SearchWorks may be a startup, but all of its employees are professionals who’ve worked with multinational corporations before coming together to form one dynamic agency. We have helped businesses build brands, grow their traffic and enjoy commercial success throughout our careers. But don’t take our word for it: we can patch you up with our references so you can ask them about their experience with us.
  • Full Transparency – Honesty always results in good business. In SearchWorks, we welcome clients who proactively inspect how we serve their websites so they know the work is being done the right way. At the end of each contract month, we turn in comprehensive reports that allow you to see what kind of impact we’re making on your business. Using KPIs such as rankings, organic traffic growth, conversions and ROI, you’ll get a better feel of how SEO is working for you.

SearchWorks was founded by Glen Dimaandal, a digital marketing strategist with experience in running the digital marketing programs of several Fortune 500 companies. Under his direction, SearchWorks renders enterprise-level SEO and content marketing services to clients of all sizes from a wide range of industries. To date, Glen and his team have served 30+ websites including the following:

Why Hire a Philippine SEO Agency?

The Philippines is one of the biggest and most cost-effective labor markets in the world. Once known primarily for its booming call center industry, the Philippine outsourcing scene has expanded rapidly to other fields including digital marketing. To date, the demand for Philippine-based SEO services continues to grow as more companies in the US, the UK and Australia realize the potential of investing in a vibrant marketplace of talent.

Here are some of the reasons why everyone from SMEs to blue chip brands prefer SEO companies from the Philippines:

  • An Educated Labor Market – The Philippines produces hundreds of thousands of college graduates every year. When a client hires a digital marketing agency, the people who’ll be working on their site are likely to be well-educated, talented and determined to prove themselves in an ultra-competitive labor environment.
  • High English Proficiency – English is taught from preschool to college to every Filipino student. That gives us a language edge against other hotbeds of outsourced work. When you work with a SEO agency in the Philippines, you can be sure that language barriers won’t be an issue.
  • A Passion for Knowledge – The Philippine digital marketing scene is a closely-knit one where most professionals are acquainted hundreds of other local practitioners. Every year, dozens of trainings, seminars and conferences are conducted all over the Philippines to raise the level of knowledge in the industry as a whole.
  • Value for Money – Due to the fact that it’s a developing economy, the cost of living in the Philippines is much lower than that of Western nations. That also means the cost of services like SEO is only a fraction of what a US-based firm would charge. In most cases, you can get the same work done in the Philippines at just 20% of what an American agency would charge. In SearchWorks, we make it a point to deliver world-class services at prices that will give your business financial relief.

Our white label SEO rates depend on the size of the engagement and the scope of the work. To get a better idea on our SEO reseller rates, contact us immediately. We respond within 24 hours during weekdays.

You Get What You Pay For

Not all SEO companies are built equal. In as much as the best SEO agencies in the Philippines want to deliver quality SEO, there will always be a few rotten eggs in the basket. You’ll see them ranking high in search results, but one look at their link profiles will tell you a lot about how they got there. If they can cheat their way to the top, what can you expect them to do with their clients’ sites?

SearchWorks proudly rises above the black hat SEO swamp and advocates the use of legitimate practices to give websites greater search visibility. With the recent Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird updates from Google, the writing on the wall is pretty clear. Search engines will always crack down on practices that seek to manipulate their rankings. The future of SEO is about creativity and editorial excellence: two values that SearchWorks upholds in its business methods.

The next time you see an SEO agency offering services for $300 a month, stop and think about how they can possibly deliver on their “guarantees.” Either you’re being lied to or they’re paying their employees wages that most of us would deem unacceptable. In SearchWorks, we believe in the old adage that you get what you pay for. Our price ranges may not be dirt cheap, but that’s because we pay for the best talent that we can find to work for our clients’ sites.

If you’re looking for a good SEO partner in the Philippines, look no further than SearchWorks. Send your inquiry over at the Contact page to get the discussion started.

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