6 Simple Tips for Improving Your Online Store’s Performance and Speed

It’s tough to make a good digital impression on potential customers when your website isn’t performing up to par with your competitors. If the website’s loading speed is too slow, if it’s difficult to navigate, or if it’s not responsive enough, then there’s a good chance that your visitors will immediately opt to check out

A screenshot of average times on page

Increasing Average Times on Pages for Better Usage Signals

By now, we’ve all come to realize that ranking well on Google has become a very intricate matter. Thanks to Panda and Penguin, spam has lost a lot of its power to influence the SERPs. Once Hummingbird came along and added emphasis on hard-to-fake signals that indicate good user experiences, gimmicky SEO pretty much died.

PeepCon view from the stage

SEO Presentation Deck Motherload from PeepCon

As promised, we’re releasing the presentation decks from PeepCon, GDI’s non-profit digital marketing conference held at The Heritage Hotel Manila. A total of 215 people attended to hear 15 of the best digital marketers in the land share their insights on the latest trends in search engine optimization.

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A Simple Way to Measure Reader Loyalty

This is a guest entry by Sam Nam. Sam is the Vice President of Marketing at Digital Room, Inc., a venture-backed e-commerce printing company, where he manages marketing team of 50 professionals working in customer acquisition, retention and analytics. Find him online at samnamiam.com. Loyal readers are the foundation of success for content creators. All