AI Content Checkers: Waste of Time or Actually Useful for SEO?

By the time this is published, it will have been well over a year since ChatGPT and other generative AI tools disrupted the digital marketing industry and became household names. Already, we’re seeing a dramatic reduction in the resources needed to build websites and populate them with useful, actionable content. However, there are fears that


4 Actionable Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Website This Year

Editor’s note: this is a guest article by Kevin Ocasio. The views and information expressed here are the writer’s own and may not necessarily reflect this blog’s own. As someone who’s serious about growing a business blog that will thrive for many years, I can attest that building quality links is one of my biggest


Duplicate Content: Common Causes and Practical Solutions

As the name suggests, duplicate content refers to content that is completely identical or very similar to that which appears in another location or multiple other locations within a website or across different websites. The operative word here is “location,” which refers to a unique web address, also known as a URL. If you have

PeepCon view from the stage

SEO Presentation Deck Motherload from PeepCon

As promised, we’re releasing the presentation decks from PeepCon, GDI’s non-profit digital marketing conference held at The Heritage Hotel Manila. A total of 215 people attended to hear 15 of the best digital marketers in the land share their insights on the latest trends in search engine optimization.

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Using Content Marketing to Build Your Audience and Your Business

There are many different ways for a business to grow and become successful. Marketing has been an invaluable tool in this regard, with content marketing becoming a strong driver that business owners can work with nowadays. In today’s modern setting, it distinguishes itself from more traditional marketing methods thanks to the accessibility of the Internet,


Nine Writing Tips to Improve Business Blogging

Blogging is an integral part of most content marketing and SEO strategies. When done right, it generates traffic, social signals, backlinks and leads for a website. “Doing it right,” however, is easier said than done. Blogging the right way starts with tightening up the quality of writing in your blog. As freestyle as blogging is,