The Degrees of Backlink Relevance

When SEOs are taught how to build links, one of the first things that are discussed is that the the prospective backlink source needs to be relebant. That is, the website where the link will come from should have a strong contextual relationship to the destination page on your website. It sounds simple enough in

Guest posting

Put Nofollow On All Guest Post Links, Google’s Mueller Says

In a recent Hangout session, Google Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller recommended putting nofollow links on all guest posts in a website. Asked about the validity of links coming from guest posts, Mueller responded by saying “I would almost go as far as to say ‘well, even those kinds of guest posts where you


SearchWorks: All the Decks in One Place

They said it couldn’t be done, but they haven’t been paying attention to what we’ve been doing for several years now. On June 22nd, 2019, the Philippine SEO community experienced its first ever 100% free SEO conference as SearchWorks hit town and delivered on every promise made in its name. Thanks to our generous sponsors


4 Actionable Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Website This Year

Editor’s note: this is a guest article by Kevin Ocasio. The views and information expressed here are the writer’s own and may not necessarily reflect this blog’s own. As someone who’s serious about growing a business blog that will thrive for many years, I can attest that building quality links is one of my biggest

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Link Metrics: What You Should Really be Looking At

Link building remains one of the most important facets of every SEO campaign. To this day, Google and other search engines rely heavily on a website’s backlink profile to assess its authority and relevance to various keywords found in its content. Links give a website much of its ranking power, which also explains why SEOs

Chain Link

Backlinks: Everything You Need to Know

A backlink—otherwise known as inbound link or incoming link—is produced when one website creates a hyperlink that points back to another website. For example, if The New York Times and The Huffington Post create hyperlinks in their news articles that link back to your website, these links are called backlinks to your site. Backlinks are

Black Hat Girl

6 Black Hat SEO Tactics That Still Make Google Blush

Since its early days, Google has been actively taking steps to make sure it delivers the best quality search results to its users. This means not just determining which pages respond best to a query’s intent, but also keeping undeserving pages off the top of its SERPs. It sounds simple, but it’s easier said than

Cheese trap

Link Bait: Everything You Need to Know

Link baiting is the creation and promotion of content with the objective of encouraging other webmasters to link back to a specific webpage. This is an umbrella term that’s used to describe a variety of content and promotion scheme combinations with the common goal of attracting natural, editorially granted links. Link baiting a prominent tactic


Black Hat Link Building: A Pragmatic Look

Black hat SEO refers to a set of optimization practices deemed by search engines to be against their terms of use. Often done in an effort to game the ranking systems, this type of SEO is generally frowned upon in the digital marketing community. For the most part, search engines do a great job of