13 Awesome Side Skills to Have as a SEO Specialist

SearchWorks founder Glen Dimaandal often points out that search engine optimization (SEO) is a skill that just about anyone can learn. And this is mostly true. For the most part, becoming competent in key SEO practices like technical SEO and linkbuilding just requires you to put in the time and get your hands dirty. However, excelling at SEO will require much more than simple adherence

6 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Thanks to the technologies available today, searching for information has never been easier. There’s no need to fumble with your device’s keyboard to make a quick online query—just ask Siri, Alexa, or your Google Assistant and, like magic, the info you need will be readily available to you. This era of technological advancement has spurred

SEO For Hotels and Resorts: Essential Tips and Strategies

When people ask SEOs what the toughest industries to rank for are, most would give the typical answers: weight loss, pharmaceuticals, real estate, cannabis, and other restricted or highly competitive fields. These responses wouldn’t be wrong, but they’re not the only tough nuts to crack in the world of SEO. You might be surprised with

Local SEO: The Complete Guide by Glen Dimaandal

The Ultimate Local SEO Guide

 As people get more used to staying indoors, they tend to discover businesses around them through the Internet rather than seeing their physical facilities. This makes local SEO more crucial than ever to businesses targeting very specific geographic locations. With the digital marketplace getting more and more crowded, it’s essential to be in Google’s

Google MyBusiness

Google MyBusiness as a Paid Service May Be Coming Soon

  Google MyBusiness might not remain a free service forever, as the Big G starts sending out feelers to gauge people’s attitudes towards paying for their listings. In a tweet, Sean Bucher showed a screenshot of a message that Google has been sending out to some business owners. The message is mostly about updated features


4 Actionable Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Website This Year

Editor’s note: this is a guest article by Kevin Ocasio. The views and information expressed here are the writer’s own and may not necessarily reflect this blog’s own. As someone who’s serious about growing a business blog that will thrive for many years, I can attest that building quality links is one of my biggest

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Local SEO Case Study: Page 6 to Page 1 in Two Weeks

If you’re looking to hire a reputable architect and you discover that his own house’s design sucks, would that affect his chances of winning your business? That was a problem we faced for about two years into our company’s run. Despite our good reputation and the fact…

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Local Citation Sources and Business Directories in the Philippines

Local citations are crucial to the success of local SEO campaigns. These are mentions of the name of a business along with its physical address and telephone number in other websites. Similar to backlinks, citations are used by Google as a relevance signal that affects its organic search results and Google Places rankings.