Improving Brand Signals to Boost Your Rankings

Running a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign without developing your brand signals can be compared to pedaling a bike with one foot. Sure, you might move forward. But, sooner or later, you’ll lose steam and fall over. Discussions of brand signals are often confusing because the term is used to refer to two related things:

AI Content Checkers: Waste of Time or Actually Useful for SEO?

By the time this is published, it will have been well over a year since ChatGPT and other generative AI tools disrupted the digital marketing industry and became household names. Already, we’re seeing a dramatic reduction in the resources needed to build websites and populate them with useful, actionable content. However, there are fears that

6 Reasons Why You Should Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Thanks to the technologies available today, searching for information has never been easier. There’s no need to fumble with your device’s keyboard to make a quick online query—just ask Siri, Alexa, or your Google Assistant and, like magic, the info you need will be readily available to you. This era of technological advancement has spurred

The Best SEO Alternatives for Business Growth

SEO is the best way to drive organic traffic to your ecommerce site. Perhaps it’s our biases talking because we’re widely recognized as the most respected SEO agency in the Philippines. However, we also run other types of digital marketing campaigns for our clients and we can confidently say that search engine optimization delivers much more

Broken Link Audit Tutorial

A broken link audit involves finding, verifying, and fixing broken or abnormal hyperlinks. Auditing and fixing broken links is an important part of on-page and technical search engine optimization because links are important for distributing link equity and facilitating navigation for search engine web crawlers. Links are also important for human users and, when used correctly, can

SEO Burnout: How to Avoid it

One less-discussed thing about the SEO industry is just how much of a grind it is. Whether you’re a writer, link outreach specialist, web developer, or any other kind of search optimization professional, you will eventually come to a point where you’ll start to feel uninspired and completely unable to get into the zone. While most people

7 Reasons Filipino SEOs FAIL in Their Careers

Despite the ever-growing global demand for SEO services, Filipinos who enter this key industry are highly likely to change careers after just a few years. It’s not because SEO is particularly difficult. Let’s be clear — SEO is not rocket science or brain surgery. It does not take exceptional intellect to make it in the

Essential SEO Tools

As the Philippines’ most respected SEO agency, one of the most common questions we get asked is about the tools and software that we use for search engine optimization. This is because many of the best-reviewed tools designed for SEO too expensive for newbie Filipino SEO professionals who have to make do with free alternatives.

6 Simple Tips for Improving Your Online Store’s Performance and Speed

It’s tough to make a good digital impression on potential customers when your website isn’t performing up to par with your competitors. If the website’s loading speed is too slow, if it’s difficult to navigate, or if it’s not responsive enough, then there’s a good chance that your visitors will immediately opt to check out

SEO Website Migration Strategy

Website domain migrations are a common fear among digital marketers thanks to the inevitable drop in organic traffic. In the old days of SEO, the drop in organic visits caused by site migrations could sometimes be permanent, causing a catastrophic loss of leads and conversions. However, this no longer is the case. Google’s algorithms are