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Robots.txt: All You Need to Know

Robots.txt is the standard means by which websites tell search engine spiders and other crawlers which pages are open to scanning and which ones are off-limits. Also known as the robots exclusion standard or robots exclusion protocol, it’s used by most websites today and honored by most web crawlers. The protocol is often used on

Philippine SEO Agencies

The Best SEO Agencies in the Philippines to Work For

Pursuing a career in search engine optimization is one of the best moves you can make as a young professional. This is a field that offers countless earning opportunities today and in the foreseeable future. It also has a wide open entry point: you can learn it and practice it regardless of educational attainment and

Best SEOs in the Philippines

The Best SEO Specialists in the Philippines

Okay, I admit: it’s me. That’s why you landed on this page. But hey, I know it would be weird to list myself in my own blog post, so here goes: With its young and highly educated population, it’s not surprising that the Philippines has produced its fair share of legitimate SEO talents over the

Glen Dimaandal in Confluence

Breaking Out of My SEO Conference Hiatus

Whether you’re a freelancer, an agency or an in-house SEO professional, it’s important to maintain a presence in the industry’s conference scene. This is a fact that I re-discovered last Wednesday when I spoke at SEO Shots IV in Makati City. You see, I’ve avoided going out to conferences and meet-ups the past few months

Data Highlighter

Data Highlighter: a Hidden Gem in Search Console

Adding Schema markup microdata to our webpages is helpful in acquiring more organic traffic for our sites. Though Google has not declared it as a ranking factor, the search giant has acknowledged that it uses structured data to better understand the HTML elements of a site so it can use them for rich snippets.


Ecommerce Link Building Strategies for 2016

  Link acquisition is not easy work. It’s a sexy topic in SEO circles because it’s a facet of optimization that most of us can influence but cannot directly control. Even as we enter the age of semantic search and brand-biased search engines, we still pursue links voraciously because their power to influence rankings is


Google Phantom 2 Update: What it is and How to Deal With It

If you’re keeping tabs on search engine news at all, there’s no way you would have missed last month’s non-event “Mobilegeddon”  – Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update launch. April 21st came and went but the drastic shakeup in the SERPs that many anticipated never happened. In Mobilegeddon’s vacuum, however, Google managed to slip a major algorithm