Influence Concept.

From Nobody to Influencer: 11 Tips to Make the Transformation Happen

Influence is rapidly becoming the most important commodity in SEO and content marketing. As Google gets better at interpreting brand, authority and popularity signals, we’ll see sites that represent influential people and organizations dominate the SERPs more and more.  Influence also helps our content assets get consumed at a higher rate, paving the way for


Using SEO Silos to Win in the Hummingbird Era

What is a SEO Silo? A SEO silo refers to a type of information architecture that groups pages in websites according to topical relevance. It’s an advanced on-page optimization technique that seeks to improve search visibility as well as overall user experience. Creating quality content is an integral part of SEO in Google’s Hummingbird era.

SearchMetrics ranking Factors

Points for Action on SearchMetrics Ranking Factors 2014

A couple of weeks ago, SearchMetrics released its annual Ranking Factors Study. Like past iterations, the 2014 study used the top 30 ranking pages for 10,000 keyword queries on Google to test the correlation between ranking factors and the position of pages within the SERPs. After processing the data from about 300,000 URLs, SearchMetrics produced

Scaling Back on Guest Blogging

Scaling Back on Guest Blogging: Four Reasons Why

No, this is not a “guest blogging is dead” article. As a matter of fact, I’ll be the first to say that I’m still doing it today for friends in the SEO industry. Guest posting is still a great way to collaborate, reach new potential readers and get more exposure for your brand. That’s how


Next-Gen Link Prospecting

  Link prospecting is an integral part of every outreach campaign. Knowing what factors make a site right for outreach saves you lots of time and helps you climb the SERPs in a faster, safer way. However, Google has undergone very significant changes in the way it gauges the relevance of sites in the wake

Delivery man

Building the On-Site SEO Foundation for Content Marketing Campaigns

In the last few years, content marketing has become one of the most popular ways to reach your target audience online. It’s easy to learn, it doesn’t require big investments and its payoffs can be monumental. When done right, content marketing can establish your brand as an authority in your niche. Authority, of course, can

GDI SEO Training Camp

Summary and Speaker Decks from the GDI SEO Training Camp

The Glen Dimaandal Invitational (GDI) SEO Training Camp finally happened on July 12th-13th 2014 in my hometown of San Fernando, Pampanga. Around 70 people participated in the event which featured nine presentations, three buffet meals, 10 swimming pools a small zoo and limitless networking opportunities. We were able to pull it off at a cost