13 Awesome Side Skills to Have as a SEO Specialist

SearchWorks founder Glen Dimaandal often points out that search engine optimization (SEO) is a skill that just about anyone can learn. And this is mostly true. For the most part, becoming competent in key SEO practices like technical SEO and linkbuilding just requires you to put in the time and get your hands dirty. However, excelling at SEO will require much more than simple adherence


The SEO Service Pitch Template That Closes Deals 90% of the Time

Far too often, SEO agencies are consumed with the challenges of lead generation. The more inquiries we receive, the greater the chances that we can land enough clients to hit our revenue targets. To that end, we rightfully focus our efforts and resources towards our own lead gen campaigns: SEO, social media, content marketing and


Business Notes After Doubling Our SEO Agency’s Revenue

Scalability is never easy if you’re a service business. Production is reliant on manpower and manpower is the most volatile resource in any company’s war chest. Humans have distinct personalities, interests, motivations and temperaments. They can’t be bought and sold either. Achieving total control over the labor force is pretty much a pipe dream unless


4 Actionable Link Building Strategies to Boost Your Website This Year

Editor’s note: this is a guest article by Kevin Ocasio. The views and information expressed here are the writer’s own and may not necessarily reflect this blog’s own. As someone who’s serious about growing a business blog that will thrive for many years, I can attest that building quality links is one of my biggest

Philippine SEO Agencies

The Best SEO Agencies in the Philippines to Work For

Pursuing a career in search engine optimization is one of the best moves you can make as a young professional. This is a field that offers countless earning opportunities today and in the foreseeable future. It also has a wide open entry point: you can learn it and practice it regardless of educational attainment and

Best SEOs in the Philippines

The Best SEO Specialists in the Philippines

  Okay, I admit: it’s me. That’s why you landed on this page. But hey, I know it would be weird to list myself in my own blog post, so here goes: With its young and highly educated population, it’s not surprising that the Philippines has produced its fair share of legitimate SEO talents over

Handshake Over Signed Cotract

Seven Power Tips on Closing SEO Deals

Contrary to what some may believe, potential SEO clients don’t automatically choose the service provider whom they find first on Google. Business people looking for search marketing services typically look at several agencies and contact them to see who can make the most compelling service offer. In a scenario like this, search ranking advantages take