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What Smart SEO Managers Look for When Hiring

Hiring the right kind of people is a crucial part of running successful digital marketing operations. Get it right and you’ll have human assets who’ll give your company exponentially more value than what you invest. Get it wrong and you’ll be watching bad hires erode away the value of your enterprise. It’s a high-stakes game

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[Download] The SEO Proposal Template that Converts 71.4% of Leads into Clients

Getting inquiries from people who discovered your SEO services isn’t rocket science. Optimizing your own site, social media marketing, PPC ads, affiliate programs and word of mouth are just some of the channels that you can leverage to attract leads. If you’re reading this post, I have no doubt that you already have that part

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How We Built a P2.5M Business in Six Months

The number of smart Filipino digital marketing professionals who’ve set up their own businesses is small. That’s odd, considering the fact that the demand for our services is massive and it continues to grow. Even fewer is the number of Filipino online marketing entrepreneurs who’ve actually set up legitimate, ethical and profitable agencies. The vast