Essential SEO Tools

As the Philippines’ most respected SEO agency, one of the most common questions we get asked is about the tools and software that we use for search engine optimization. This is because many of the best-reviewed tools designed for SEO too expensive for newbie Filipino SEO professionals who have to make do with free alternatives.

SEO Website Migration Strategy

Website domain migrations are a common fear among digital marketers thanks to the inevitable drop in organic traffic. In the old days of SEO, the drop in organic visits caused by site migrations could sometimes be permanent, causing a catastrophic loss of leads and conversions. However, this no longer is the case. Google’s algorithms are

How to Find Low-Quality Backlinks in Your Link Profile

A lot of SEO professionals and digital marketers describe link building as the practice of building out links to earn positive link equity. But in reality, this is just a part of the job. Link building also involves taking care of the links you already have. Even if you did have to stop building links

Nofollow Explained

The “nofollow” attribute is one of the first things SEO trainees are taught and it is one of the most important concepts in search engine optimization. The strategic use of nofollow tags can help sites better optimize the distribution of link equity, prevent associations with sketchy external websites, and help increase search engine visibility. A

Finding Relevant Link Sources Using Google Search Operators

Link building is the bread and butter of the Philippine SEO industry. The proper development of site backlink profiles is such an important aspect of sustainable search engine visibility that there are some SEO agencies that simply focus on different aspects of link building. Of course, not all backlinks are equally valuable. As much as

Keyword Cannibalization And How To Fix It

Keyword cannibalization happens when multiple pages on one website compete for the same keyword. This isn’t common for smaller websites but it can be an issue for bigger resource and ecommerce sites. If keyword cannibalization does happen on high-value pages, it can cause a serious dip in rankings and organic traffic, potentially endangering a website’s

Trust Flow Explained

 All SEOs know that having a high number of backlinks is positively correlated with a website’s ability to go up Google’s search results pages. Backlinks are so important that some successful SEO agencies invest most of their resources in planning and executing link building campaigns.Of course, not all backlinks are good to have. Those that come

B2B SEO Guide

 B2B SEO (business-to-business search engine optimization) refers to SEO campaigns where the target customers are businesses, rather than individual consumers. Most people are familiar with B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing because B2C campaigns are directly targeted at regular people. However, for most successful SEO agencies, B2B clients are where the money is. Working for B2B clients

XML Sitemap Audit Guide

 An XML sitemap is a set of website instructions implemented by webmasters that tell search engines which URLs could be crawled. As the name suggests, sitemaps provides search engine crawlers with a “map” of a given website. Before the Sitemaps protocol became widely adopted by all major search engines in the 2000s, the only

Google E-A-T Explained

Longtime SEO professionals will agree that there’s a basic formula for improving search visibility. First, websites need good technical and on-page SEO to build a strong foundation for other optimizations. Next, content needs to be updated regularly and developed to high standards. Lastly, links need to be built out to other relevant sites to improve link