[Video] SEO in the Philippines: A Life and Death Matter for Modern Businesses

 Digital marketing has exploded in popularity among Philippine businesses in the past decade and SEO is at the forefront of the digital transformation revolution. In this episode, Glen Dimaandal discusses key statistics that prove the importance of search engines in the modern digital economy and Glen makes the case on why you should invest

[Video] How to Rank Higher on Google

 We’re discussing how to rank on Google in 2021 in this episode of SearchWorks.PH. Glen Dimaandal gives an introduction on the importance of search as a marketing channel, why Google ranks what it ranks, and what it’ll take for you to be found easily by your target audience online. At SearchWorks.PH, we believe that

[Video] How to Get Better at SEO

Glen Dimaandal, Benj Arriola, Jason Acidre, Marc Samson and Bernard San Juan talk about their respective journeys to SEO enlightenment. Plus, a lengthy Q and A from the audience to answer their burning SEO questions. 

[Video] 0 to 1M Organic Users in 6 Months

Glen Dimaandal discusses the case study of Mediko.PH: a website he took from scratch to a  total of 1 million users in just six months. Spoiler warning: you won’t see any fancy SEO strategies and techniques here. It’s all about using the fundamentals at the highest level to great effect. 

[Video] Bat Bagsak ang Traffic Ko?

Glen Dimaandal talks about possible reasons why a website’s organic traffic might take a turn for the worse.  He explains the differences between penalties, algorithm updates and filters – and what you can do about each one. 

[Video] Distinguishing PBNs from Real Sites

Building links can be trickier than you think. A site may look like a perfectly good prospect and turn out to be harmful to your website’s rankings because it’s part of a private blog network (PBN). In this episode, Glen Dimaandal discusses how you can steer clear of these spammy websites by checking their content,

[Video] Featured Snippet Optimization

World SEO Champ and Philippine SEO Godfather Benj Arriola graces the show again to talk about optimizing for highly desirable featured snippets in the SERPs. Plus, surprise appearances from Philippine SEO all-stars Jason Acidre and Marc Samson. 

[Video] Huwag Malugi sa PPC

Glen discusses how to run profitable PPC campaigns with paid search media stalwarts Jun Baranggan and Kurt Flores. Find out what you can do to better set up, optimize, track and assess your paid search ads for the best possible ROI.