Using the Coverage Report in Google Search Console

 In technical SEO, the more improvements you can implement to your site, the better. Implementing more fixes should improve the technical foundations of your website and, therefore, its odds of your website climbing up the Google SERPs (search engine results pages). To identify potential areas for improvement, we use many different tools. These include

How to Start a Successful SEO Agency

The inspiration for this video came from a member of the Philippine SEO community who attended one of the conferences organized by SearchWorks. To start, success is relative. In the case of SearchWorks, we think “successful” is a fair way to describe the agency, given its close to a decade of existence, the size of our

Competitive Link Research Using Ahrefs Link Intersect Tool

Competitive research is an elementary but sadly overlooked practice in search engine optimization (SEO). It’s through thorough competitive research that SEO professionals and other digital marketers can understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Understanding what serious competitors are doing may be crucial for creating resource-efficient strategies that will improve a client’s website rankings, ultimately

How to Rank Higher on Google in 2023

Like all things on the Web, SEO is a constantly evolving craft where strategies and processes need to be re-thought and adjusted for optimum results. Over the past few years, Google’s algorithms have received plenty of updates and the way that it decides who gets to sit atop its SERPs isn’t necessarily what it used

SEO For Hotels and Resorts: Essential Tips and Strategies

When people ask SEOs what the toughest industries to rank for are, most would give the typical answers: weight loss, pharmaceuticals, real estate, cannabis and other restricted or highly competitive fields. These responses wouldn’t be wrong, but they’re not the only tough nuts to crack in the world of SEO. You might be surprised with

running from google

Nowhere to Run: Google Penalties Can Follow You Across Domains

This week, Google added a new section to its anti-spam policies where it stated that it can take “appropriate action” against websites that engage in activities that intend to bypass or circumvent restrictions levied by the search engine in the past. While Google did not explicitly mention activities that it views as attempts to bypass

SEO Maintenance: How to KEEP Your Top Rankings

You’ll find a lot of guides online that teach you how to take your website to the top of Google’s search results. However, you’ll find almost nothing about how to keep it there. This is understandable, as most SEO jobs involve taking a site with low rankings and taking it to Google’s first page. SEO

How Thin Content Kills Rankings and How to Deal With It

Any digital marketer who knows what they’re doing will tell you that “content is king”. Unfortunately, there are a lot of marketers who could not identify good content, let alone develop it. This can be especially tragic when these less-knowledgable marketers work on your website’s content. If your content is not developed and presented to a sufficient

Why Headless CMSs Fail in SEO

Websites can fail to get traction on search engines for any number of reasons. Sometimes the problem boils down to mismanagement or a lack of on-page SEO. If either of these are the case for your site, you can count yourself lucky because these issues are easy to solve. Unfortunately, there are times when the

7 Abusive Client Behaviors and How to Deal with Them

While the vast majority of clients and bosses you’ll deal with are upstanding people, you will inevitably meet certain individuals who could only be described as special. But special as they are, these people tend to behave in rather predictable patterns. After years in the SEO business, we’ve noticed that abusive client behaviors tend to