Meta Robots Tag Audit Guide

A meta robots tag is a short snippet of HTML code at the head section of each webpage that instructs search engine robots what they can or can’t do. There are many types of meta robots tags, but the most commonly used are the noindex, noarchive, and nofollow tags. If you do search engine optimization, particularly technical SEO, you will already

Site Speed Optimization For Non-Coders

Site speed is an important ranking factor for Google and an overlooked aspect of search engine optimization. To reiterate: the better your site speed, the better your site’s chances of climbing up the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google’s prioritization of site speed makes sense as faster-loading sites tend to mean a better visitor experience

The Most Profitable Niches for Black Hat SEO

 Black hat SEO is a touchy subject in digital marketing. Most SEO services and thought leaders don’t publicly condone it yet it is obviously something that works for a lot of businesses. Some SEO professionals will even go so far as to tell you that black hat SEO tactics won’t work — even if they do it themselves

How to Land Your First SEO Job

Careers in SEO have been around for almost as long as there have been search engines. However, they only really started to take off in the Philippines in the past decade. You’ll now find Filipino SEO professionals everywhere, working in in-house marketing departments, SEO agencies, and as freelancers, earning competitive salaries and contributing to the

10 Signs Your Boss Sucks at SEO

Many factors go into molding skilled and well-rounded SEO professionals. Dedication, experience, open-mindedness, communicativeness, and even luck can all play a part in building you up into someone that other people in your industry look up to. However, less discussed than those other factors is the role your bosses and other mentors play. For those

SEO Prices in the Philippines

 If you found our video or this post using the search term “SEO prices in the Philippines” there is a very high chance that you’re from outside the country. This makes sense as the Philippines is a major player in the low-cost, high-value segment for business process outsourcing (BPO), including search engine optimization services.

How to Use Google’s Disavow Links Tool

 Link building is the lifeblood of SEO services the world over thanks to the immense value Google places on backlinks. Backlinks are important because they give the websites we optimize the “link juice” they need to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). The more links a landing page has from authoritative sources, the better its

Easy Link Building for Beginners

 One of the most common questions we get from new SEOs is how they could get enough high-quality backlinks without using an excessive amount of resources. This is an important question because, unlike other search engine optimization activities like technical and on-page SEO, link building has unlimited potential for both ranking your website and

Why We Don’t Hire SEO Writers

While some digital marketers have yet to get the memo, using cheap, low-quality content to bolster a site’s backlink profile is becoming less and less feasible by the day. If you want your link building and content marketing campaigns to be more effective, you have to invest in quality content creation. While SearchWorks is best

Voice Search SEO Guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) now involves much more than optimizing landing pages for queries typed into Google Search. Over the decades, search engines have evolved to use a variety of other inputs, including visuals and, of course, sound. Today, millions of hands-free online searches per day are initiated through voice commands on mobile devices, smart