8 Productivity Tips For Serious Web Developers

Given enough time, any amateur web developer can perform excellent implementations of web designs and layouts. They may even be able to do good site optimizations as well. Unfortunately for amateurs, most businesses will not offer them the luxury of time. In most cases, the difference between professional web developers and rookies is not the

6 Common Web Design Myths That Can Ruin Your Business Website

Worldwide, people spend an average of about seven hours a day on the internet. For us Filipinos, the figure is closer to 10 hours, thanks to our love of smartphones and Facebook. But even though most people spend a huge chunk of their daily lives on the web, relatively few of us stop to think about

7 Web Design Trends to Consider in 2023

As with fashion, web design trends have a lifespan. As people get tired of seeing the same old styles, site developers and web designers will try to test the waters and implement designs that move away from those popular concepts. While most of those attempts to break free from convention don’t get very far, we’ll

Will AI Ever Produce a Good Website?

For many professional web developers, web designers, IT workers, and digital marketers, recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have taken vaguely sinister undertones. In early September 2022, some of the latent fears of humans being put out of work by machines resurged when an artificial intelligence program called Midjourney generated a winning

A vector of a digital marketing concept

Does Your Website Really Need a Mobile App?

One of the most intensely discussed topics in digital marketing today is the usefulness of mobile apps, particularly those that serve similar functions as existing mobile ecommerce sites. These days, it seems that all the biggest brands spend a lot of effort encouraging you to download a special mobile app. In most cases, however, these

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7 Ways to Improve Conversion Rates With Simple Web Design Tweaks

A conversion rate is the ratio of users who perform a desired action. For example, an ecommerce site where 2 out of 100 users end up purchasing an item can be said to have a 0.02 or 2% conversion rate. Conversion rates are important as they are the primary metric for a website’s functionality. They