Should All Web Designers Know How to Code?

If you’re a complete novice, building and designing your website has never been easier. Popular website builders like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify offer user-friendly interfaces, templates, themes, and drag-and-drop tools that make it possible for absolute novices to design and customize websites without knowing any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. And if that weren’t enough, AI

11 Common Web Design Mistakes That Ruin Leads and Conversions

Today, websites and other online assets account for the lion’s share of leads and conversions for a growing number of businesses. Businesses are now so reliant on online leads and sales that any friction in how visitors are engaged through online channels can lead to serious repercussions for their credibility, growth, and survival. Unfortunately, friction

A Total SEO Newbie’s Guide to CSS

For a field that is only a small part of digital marketing, search engine optimization is remarkably multidisciplinary. For instance, our full-service SEO agency employs people with backgrounds in marketing, journalism, literature, computer science, graphic design, math, web development, and many others. In most cases, your background will determine what specific parts of SEO you get into,

How to Make a Landing Page That Stands Out

A landing page is defined in digital marketing as a standalone webpage created expressly for advertising or marketing purposes. This page is typically where website visitors “land” once they click on a promotional link in an email, on an ad from a social media site, or on any similar link they find on the web.

6 Best Practices When Designing an Ecommerce Website

An ecommerce website is designed to attract customers, offer a seamless user experience, and provide an easy online shopping process. More than the usual business website focused on static content, your ecommerce website needs to captivate your target market for effective business conversion and increased profitability. Think of your website as an extension of your

6 Tips When Designing an Ecommerce Shopping Cart

These days, having a well-designed and professional ecommerce website is not enough to convert a customer. When working with a web design agency in the Philippines, you need to pay particular attention to how your shopping cart is designed. Is it easy to navigate around? Does your customer need to fill out thousands of forms

How Does Typography Affect Modern Web Design?

The term “typography” pertains to the art of structuring letter forms so that they’re more legible and readable to whoever encounters them. This craft has obvious applications in traditional print, such as in book, newsprint, and poster design. But in the digital era, which welcomes a larger population of internet users than ever, typography has

6 Tips on How to Make Your Website More Engaging

Business storefronts can make strong impressions on people, some of which they will carry for the rest of their lives. Think of the toy store that you loved to visit as a kid, the hobby store you frequent, or the grocery or hardware store that’s become your go-to retailer for the last few years. The

Should You Go with a Minimalist Web Design?

Known as one of the biggest art movements of the past century, minimalism has become a popular trend that spilled over to the realm of web design. Unlike preceding movements, minimalism allowed artists and designers to make an impact without screaming the message in all directions—basically, to say more with less. Artists can take years

6 Traits Every Good Web Designer Needs

In this day and age, your business website is just as important as your brick-and-mortar location if you have one. It serves as the first point of contact between you and your potential customers. Experts say that you have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression on your website before users form an opinion