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Copywriting is the craft of creating persuasive content for use in promotional and marketing materials. Copy is delivered to a target audience with the intention of swaying the receivers’ perceptions about a product or service.

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When successful, the copy’s effects can be leveraged into the acquisition of new customers. You may not have realized it, but if you’ve ever written material that have been read by your target market, you’ve already written copy. That’s because copywriting is an essential element in the production of effective marketing assets which include:

Landing Pages
Product Description
Press Releases
Video Scripts
Audio Scripts

Of course, there are levels of skill when it comes to writing copy. Anyone can scribble marketing messages, but it takes a professional copywriter to produce something that a target audience is more likely to gravitate to.

Copywriters are some of the most highly-paid writers in the world. After all, not every writer has the ability to put together brief, persuasive and informative sentences that can change how people think. To industry outsiders, copywriting may look like a talent that people are born with. In reality, good copywriting is a product of practice and diligence.

Copywriting: More about Technique than Talent

If you think that great copywriters are infinitely creative people who can write sweet, striking statements at the drop a hat, you’re wrong. Sure, people who become great copywriters have an affinity for verbal excellence, but most of them had to work their way up to get there. It takes years of observation, practice, openness to criticism and a desire to constantly innovate for a writer to deliver great copy on a consistent basis.

Effective copywriters rely on several key habits to refine their skills over the years. These habits include:

  1. Understanding the Product – Taking the time to study the offering, understand what it does and grasp its value proposition is the first step towards writing copy that works. Contrary to popular belief, good copy isn’t about generating hype. It’s about conveying facts in a way that makes the reader feel smarter about his buying decisions.
  2. Getting to Know the Audience – After digesting what the product is all about, a good copywriter does his homework on the kind of people he or she will be writing for. Knowing their backgrounds, problems, pleasures, spending power and online behavior provides smart writers with valuable clues on how to tailor-fit the copies that they write to the people receiving  the message.
  3. Keeping a Swipe File – A swipe file is a collection of proven copy pieces that a copywriter has seen or has created himself in the past. It serves as a quick reference whenever he or she needs to write new copy. Professional copywriters have extensive swipe files that they’ve built over their careers. When it’s time to create some material for clients, they just look at their file, find an appropriate template and modify it to fit what the situation calls for.
  4. Having a List of Power Words – Some words just have more impact than others. Terms such as freeinstantlydominateadvanced and  guaranteed catch the eyes of readers and arouse their curiosity. A professional copywriter always has a list of well-organized power words that can be shoehorned into copy at will. Similar to a swipe file, a power word list saves time by giving the writer a quick reference.
  5. Keeping Things Simple – Large walls of text, big words and long dialogues bore people. If your intention is to sell, boredom is the last feeling you want to elicit from your audience. Good copy is simple and direct to the point. It doesn’t say anything unnecessary and it sticks to a singular point. The goal is to get the audience to perform a conversion action and that’s what the copywriter should drive at throughout the user experience.
  6. Not Begrudging Editors – Good copywriters are talented, hard-working and witty people. Just like everyone else, their work can be improved with the help of equally competent editors. Really good copywriters don’t buy into their own hype. They are grounded enough to seek the help of editors and to accept reasonable points of improvement.
  7. A Penchant for Testing – As verbal as copywriting is, its effectiveness is best measured with numbers. For professional copywriters, writing two headlines, two calls to action, two versions of the body and two versions of every other copy element is standard practice. Both versions are then fielded to a portion of the intended audience to see which one performs better. Using KPIs such as clicks, email open rates, conversions, etc, the effectiveness of copy can be gauged en route to the formulation of actionable insights. In the end, better-performing piece of copy is used for the rest of a campaign and is stored to serve as a basis for future projects, Copywriters understand that what seems good to them may not always be the choice of their greater audience. For that reason, an initial testing phase is usually run before a campaign starts in earnest.

Professional Copywriters from the Philippines

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