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What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the collective term used to describe all forms of promotion using digital channels. This mostly involves the use of websites, but has also been done through executable software in the past and is being done with applications in today’s mobile devices.

Digital marketing is divided into various related but distinct sub-disciplines including SEOPPC, email marketing, content marketing, banner ads and more. While it’s not necessary to be engaged in all of these to say that you’re marketing digitally, each of them do share synergies with the others. In short, digital marketing works best when it’s done in a holistic manner where each channel supports the others.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is applicable to just about any market in the world where there’s substantial Internet access penetration. Its goals can vary according depending on the business owner’s goals. Some businesses market digitally only for branding while others do it for lead generation and even ecommerce sales.

Digital Marketing Sub-Disciplines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The process of optimizing a website for greater visibility on search engine organic results. SEO is considered the best driver of targeted traffic that’s easier to convert into leads and customers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, this digital marketing channel allows webmasters to advertise on search results. This also drives targeted visitors that stand a greater chance of converting than most other channels.

Display Advertising
Display Advertising

The classic way of advertising on the Internet is still relevant and commercially viable. Whether you want to use display ad networks such as that of Google or if you want to advertise directly with a website, this digital marketing can haul in traffic while helping build your brand.


Also called remarketing, this newer form of online advertising keeps your brands and products in front of user eyeballs even after they leave your website. It’s extremely effective especially in boosting your conversion rates.

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

This classic digital marketing channel allows you to build mailing lists that foster relationships with your target audience. When done right, an email list can summon traffic at will and become your sales gold mine.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Create useful, interesting content for free and establish your brand as an industry leader in the minds of your audience. Content marketing grows your web traffic while boosting your SEO and email marketing campaigns.

What is Digital Marketing

There are several reasons why corporate budgets for digital marketing are skyrocketing while allocations for legacy media are getting smaller. Digital marketing offers several clear advantages over TV, radio and print that are swaying business decision makers towards this type of promotion.

  • The Web is Today’s Dominant Medium – Studies have shown that Internet usage in the world’s developed markets has been rising steadily for more than two decades now while the TV, radio and print usage continues to flounder. This means that the audience is shifting and most of them are going online. If you want to send messages to them, the Internet is your best bet to do it.
  • Most Businesses are Going Online – Businesses around the world are recognizing the palpable shift of audiences from legacy media to the Internet. As such, they’re following suit. Websites allow your brand to talk to its audience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can even sell and deliver products over the Internet literally while you sleep. Of course, that’s only going to happen if people are actually finding your website in the vast ocean that is the Worldwide Web. Digital marketing helps you do just that and then some.
  • It’s 100% Trackable – Traditional advertising relied mostly on correlative data to assess the effectiveness of a campaign. In digital marketing, there’s very little guesswork involved. Thanks to platforms such as Google Analytics, you can see exactly how much traffic you’re getting, which channels are making money for you and which ones are unnecessary expenses. This helps you make smarter decisions that maximize your profits.
  • It’s a More Level Playing Field – In digital marketing, it’s not uncommon to see smaller companies beat bigger brands because they’re more savvy with promotion on the Internet. With digital marketing, budgets are still important but they take a backseat to creativity and execution. Marketing on the web allows you to spend less and gain more as long as you do your homework.
  • It Boosts Your Business Valuation – Your business reaches more people when it has a prominent online presence even if it sells via brick-and-mortar stores. When it’s time to check how much your company is worth, your website and its traffic weigh heavily on its overall dollar value.

Stats and Facts About Digital Marketing

If you’re not convinced just yet, get a load of these statistics about digital marketing today and its implications for business in the foreseeable future:

  • 4 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020.
  • About 75% of all traffic on the Web will be from mobile devices by 2020
  • $306 billion will be allocated globally for digital marketing in 2020
  • 81% of all big purchases are influenced by consumers researching the product online.
  • 44% of online shoppers prefer Amazon as their first option.
  • 30% of all ecommerce purchases are now done with mobile devices.
  • 95% of all online experiences still start with search
  • Google owns around 65% of the global search market – that’s around 100 billion searches per month. Its closest competitor, YouTube, is its subsidiary.
  • 28% of all searches for products or services result in actual transactions
  • 61% of marketers say that improving SEO is their top priority
  • 72% of adults have Facebook accounts.
  • 45% of marketing professionals feel they’re starting to run effective marketing campaigns
  • 25% of adult Internet users have used LinkedIn
  • 92% of marketers agree that social media is important to their business.
  • 75% of companies agree that email marketing returns good to excellent ROI
  • More than 3 billion people will be using email by 2020.
  • 86% of consumers opt to receive promotional emails.
  • 78% of CMO’s believe that custom content is the future of marketing.

Digital isn’t the future of marketing. It’s here right now and it’s going to stay a long time. Your decision to engage in it with the right digital marketing agency would be the beginning of your business’ golden age.