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Ecommerce is the future of retail business and the future is here. The thing is, everyone realizes that and competition is fierce even in the most obscure niches. If you want to grow your sales and expand your market share, there’s no substitute for a strong presence on Google’s search results.

That’s where we come in: SearchWorks delivers best-in-class Ecommerce SEO services from the Philippines. With a highly-skilled team, proven methodologies, and extensive experience in successful ecommerce campaigns, we are the logical choice for ecommerce operators all over the world.

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Ecommerce SEO: An Overview

Ecommerce SEO pertains to a subset of search engine optimization methods and processes that seek to improve the visibility of an online store’s webpages on searches for its products on search engines. It differs from “regular” SEO in terms of landing page focus, content strategy, technical SEO best practices, and backlink targeting.

Where regular SEO is typically focused on optimizing the home page and product or service pages for search, ecommerce SEO is mostly about improving search visibility for product category pages and individual SKUs. While regular SEO is typically driven by goals such as lead generation and sales, ecommerce SEO’s holy grail is sustainable customer acquisition through ubiquity in search engine results pages (SERPs).

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Why Does Ecommerce SEO Matter?

Simply put, search engines are the best driver of highly targeted traffic on the internet. Nothing else comes close. When your ecommerce website is found on search, the odds that the visitor has buying intent is significantly higher than when they find your online store via email, social media, or referring websites.

A strong presence in search results also means that people are constantly exposed to your brand —whether they end up visiting your webpages or not. This allows you to establish intangible but valuable mindshare in your target market, enhancing your chances of converting them into paying customers down the line.

Search engine traffic isn’t just highly targeted, it’s also virtually limitless. Billions of queries are entered on Google alone each day and dominating even a few keywords can spell the difference between rapid business growth and relative obscurity. When done correctly, ecommerce SEO can carve a large market share for your business.

Finally, increasing search engine traffic is free. You don’t have to pay Google a single penny for it to send thousands of customers your way every day. You only need to apply SEO best practices to your website and out-optimize the competition.

What’s Covered in Ecommerce SEO?

A typical ecommerce SEO campaign with SearchWorks usually includes the following components:
  1. Technical SEO
    • Robots.txt validation
    • Meta robots tag audit
    • XML sitemap audit
    • Search Console setup
    • Internal linking audit
    • Site architecture audit
    • Crawl error audit
    • Broken link audit
    • Duplicate content audit
    • Canonical tag management
    • Redirect audit
    • SSL audit and setup
    • Site speed test and improvement
    • Mobile usability test
    • Structured data setup
  2. On-Page SEO
    • Keyword optimization
    • Title tag optimization
    • Meta description optimization
    • Header tag optimization
    • URL structure optimization
    • Content body optimization
    • Image optimization
    • Internal linking optimization
    • Thin content audit
  1. Content Creation
    • Category page copywriting
    • Unique product page copywriting
    • Landing page copy
    • Blog articles
  2. Off-Page Optimization
    • Link acquisition from reputable websites
    • Citations from trusted publications
  3. Analytics and Reporting
    • Organic traffic overview
    • Site content traffic report
    • Traffic analysis for key landing pages
    • Organic conversion goal analysis
    • Keyword ranking report
    • Data interpretation and recommendations
    • Next steps
Tasks and the volume associated with some of them may vary depending on the specific needs of an online store, the competitiveness of its industry and other trade-related factors.