Facebook Ads Ninja Moves: 3 Pinoy Social Media Experts Speak

Facebook ads

Facebook ads


A few weeks ago, we launched Sprocket.ph and PetHub.ph, two new blogs that we’re trying to develop into recognizable brands with legitimate followings. So far, we’ve gotten off to a nice start with on-site SEO and a steady stream of articles that people seem to like. However, those articles won’t get read by the right people unless we actively try to get them noticed. As such, we decided to make Facebook’s boosted posts an integral part of our branding and content distribution gameplan.

The thing is, I’m not – and have never pretended to be – a Facebook advertising expert. Fortunately, I know people who fit that description. I asked each of them just one question: what’s your best  Facebook advertising ninja move?

The answers were so good, I just have to share them:

Roel Manarang

Roel ManarangThe 10% Engagement Rule

We’re doing full-scale social media marketing on our team and have managed a lot of advertising campaigns. However, the simplest but most effective way to generate targeted traffic based on our experience is creating a custom audience of your website visitors and retargeting them with boosted posts.

It drives an important growth metric – retention. Of course, not to mention that it also gives better engagement and brand loyalty.

There’s a trick that we do that saves us a lot of money. I highly recommend this for startups with a tight budget before boosting a post or spending a dollar on advertising.

We call it, the 10% rule. And it’s only a 2-step process.

  • First, go to your insights panel and find posts with at least 10% engagement rate. If you already have a large following, 7% is a good baseline.
  • Boost your post targeting your website visitors — a dollar will go a long way.

Here’s a recent sample where we spent $1.00.

Roel FB ads screenshot

We had at $0.0026 cost per post engagement, 93% are link clicks. Now, imagine if this is a product with a good conversion rate once a customer lands on its page. It’s possible to get big even with a small budget.

Valerie Joy Deveza

Check the Breakdown Report

One of the most underutilized features is the Breakdown Report (in Ads Manager). It can tell you which segments are converting better. With this report, you can break down results by Placement, Age, Gender and then Time, as well as other segments. Using the data, you can identify underperforming segments for better decision-making. You can cut these segments or choose to separate out your placements into different Ad Sets so you can control the budget more accurately. This report tells you where to spend more and where to cut back.

Kristel Cuenta-Cortez

Kristel Cuenta CortezSplit Test Your Ads

No Facebook advertising move is 100% bulletproof, but there are some strategies that you can never go wrong with.

My best move is a no-brainer must do before going all in on your campaigns:

Master A/B testing on headlines, images and CTAs!

Try out multiple ad variations for more impressions to draw data from. Split-test Facebook posts and ads to learn which ones provide the best results for your goals. That means understanding what images, text, and headlines elicit the best response from the audience. In addition, you can also rotate your ads, showing different ad images each day to avoid ad fatigue. This lets you test your ads and make them more effective at the same time.

Never sacrifice the quality for convenience, in order to save time. You’ll soon realize how convenient it is in the long term; since it’ll save you valuable time and ad spend once you figure out which ones have made the most impact.

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