Help Two Pinoy SEOs in Need: Sponsor PeepCon 2.0!


PeepCon 2.0 isn’t just a search marketing spectacle – it’s also an event that cares. True to our non-profit ways, we intend to use the event to extend a helping hand to brothers and sisters in the industry who are in need.

This year, we are pleased to announce our beneficiaries:

Carrina Canlas’ Family

Caye Canlas

Carrina “Caye” Canlas was a former manager at Xight Interactive. A highly knowledgeable practitioner of SEO, she recently passed away after losing much of her vision to tumors that grew behind her eyes. Caye left behind an 8-year old child who is currently under the care of her elderly mother in Olongapo.

While Caye has laid to rest, the struggle to provide for her child continues. We would like to ask for the community’s help in raising funds that will help support the child’s primary education. A little help will go a long way.

Gary Andrew Lacanilao

Gary Lacanilao

Gary Andrew Lacanilao is, in my opinion, one of the 10 brightest SEO minds in the country. Gary is suffering from stage 4 cancer which started from his lungs and has spread to his bones, brain and liver. He is currently in serious condition in the Philippine Lung Center under the care of his family.

Gary was the sole beneficiary of last year’s PeepCon and has fought cancer bravely since then. He and his family can use all the support they can get yet again and PeepCon is honored to be of assistance.

Be Seen and Be of Help!

While a portion of the PeepCon 2.0 registration proceeds will go directly to the beneficiaries, we will rely on sponsorship to make the biggest difference.

As you might have read, PeepCon 2.0 will be a first-class event where some of the biggest names in the worldwide SEO scene will converge. We are expecting an attendance of 300+ digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs, making this a great opportunity for branding, lead generation and recruitment.

To keep things simple, we are offering two tiers of sponsorship, specifically:


Pre-event brand mentions and logo displaysYesYes
In-event brand mentions and logo displaysYesYes
Post-event brand mentions and logo displaysYesYes
Media partner mentionsYesYes
Social media mentionsYesYes
Event boothNoYes
10 minute speaking slotNoYes
Free SEO consultationNoYes
Package Price (Php)20,00030,000

Interested parties may send their inquiries to me via the contact form or through Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to partnering with you not just for marketing, but for promoting higher causes!