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We offer premium and ethical link acquisition solutions that will help your online properties climb the search results In a rapid, yet sustainable manner.

If you’d rather be busy with the bigger SEO picture than the grind of link building processes, let SearchWorks take care of that for you. Our team of experienced and talented SEO specialists has the essential skills to secure link placements in high quality and authoritative websites in your industry.

Contact us today for a free analysis and quote!

What is Link Building Philippines

Link building Philippines is a query often used by Western search marketers to look for cost-effective link building solutions in Southeast Asia. SEO agencies in the USA, UK, Australia and other major markets widely prefer link acquisition services rendered by Filipinos due to the abundance of knowledgeable professionals in the field and the English proficiency of workers in the country.

Link Building

No Risks, No Frills, No BS

SearchWorks is the only agency that offers risk-free link building services. With our pay-per-link engagement system, you’re only charged for links that sign, seal and deliver. Unlike other agencies that charge you monthly retainers for work that may or may not be done, we actually earn everything that you pay us.

We also eliminate risks associated with manual and algorithmic penalties stemming from overly aggressive link acquisition practices. We build quality links at a natural pace, ensuring that your link profile works for you, not against you. As a general rule, every link we build for you will have the following qualities:

  • Editorially grated
  • Comes from a topically related website
  • Comes from a site with a genuine following
  • Comes from a site with a Domain Authority rating of 25 or better
  • Likely to be clicked by readers
  • Natural anchor text usage

And unlike other outsourcing agencies, we don’t charge absurdly low rates for absurdly low quality work. We believe that good link building requires substantial investments in order to produce impactful results.

The GDI Link Building Process

Link building process

In SearchWorks, we believe that some of the best processes are also the simplest. That applies to how we build links: we don’t try to dazzle clients with fancy schemes that may or may not deliver the results they promise. We like keeping things straightforward and effective. As seen in the diagram above, we follow five very familiar steps in each campaign to dramatically improve your backlink profile.

The steps are almost self-explanatory: we take the time to really get to know your website and the business it represents. We then figure out its market positioning, its possible angle of attack in content creation and how it can be a prolific contributor in your industry’s state of knowledge. Once we have all of those down, we begin with the steps illustrated above.

  1. Linkable Asset Creation – Before you expect other sites to link back to yours, you have to give them a good reason to. This is where we perform a content inventory of your site to see if there are assets that are worth linking to. If not, we will help you develop content assets that will be attractive to link prospects and that will continue to earn links by their own merit over time.
  2. Link Prospecting – The next step is to scour the web and find sites with topics related to yours. We will then analyze each one to see if they’re worth acquiring links from and evaluate their willingness to collaborate with us. From thousands of pages we’ll shortlist the best possible partner sites and see what we can do to have them link back to us.
  3. Outreach – In this phase, we contact the webmasters of the suitable partner sites to propose collaborations that might yield backlinks. Whether they desire content assets, co-promotions or products for review, we will negotiate with them and find a way to forge a mutually beneficial partnership.
  4. Content Asset Creation – In cases where the partner webmaster desires content contributions, GDI’s excellent content team will work on producing content assets such as articles or Infographics for publication in the partner site. We find creative angles to make the content palatable to the partner sites’ respective audiences while keeping it topically relevant to our niche.
  5. Content and Link Placement – If all goes well, both parties will agree on a publication date. Once the content and the embedded backlink is live, you will see it in a real-time campaign tracker shared with you at the start of a campaign.

If you’re looking for a link building solution provider that really delivers, contact GDI right away. We’ll be happy to set up a meeting with you so we can find ways to address your needs.