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What people find on Google when they search your name or your brand will leave a lasting impression. Negative articles, forum posts, and social media banter can damage your credibility and ability to meet your goals.

Whether you’re representing a company or you’re a public figure, you can benefit from Online Reputation Management services by SearchWorks. While you can’t get rid of negative search results, we can push them down to page 2 of Google where hardly anyone checks.

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What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of improving the public perception of a personality or a brand after it has been negatively impacted by bad publicity from content that can be found on search engines. While it’s rare for the authors of negative content to delete their posts, the situation can be drastically improved by pushing down negative search results to the second page of search results which less than 5% of users check.

The process involves strengthening the SEO of multiple web properties associated with the client’s name. These include:

  • The client’s official website
  • Secondary websites
  • Sister companies
  • Social media accounts
  • Positive articles written about the client in external websites
  • Videos about the client

By strengthening the ranking power of these web properties and pages, they’ll eventually occupy most, if not all, the search engine listing slots on the first page. This allows the negative listings to slide down to parts of the search results where few, if any, people will ever see them.

Effects of Bad Online Reputation

Negative search results can become a major source of troubles for a company or personal brand. Here are the most common effects we’ve observed on people and businesses whose names have been the subject of criticism online:

  • Lower Traffic. Seeing unpleasant search results about your brand can discourage people from clicking on your official website’s search results, lowering your click-through rate, and diminishing organic traffic over time.
  • Fewer leads. Negative publicity erodes at the confidence of potential customers in trying your brand. This results in a decrease in leads, which can have devastating effects on your revenue.
  • Lower conversion rates. Even when your organic traffic isn’t too severely impacted, your conversion rates may suffer as potential customers opt to purchase from competitors who have better online reputations.
  • Low degree of trustworthiness. Your website’s Contact Us form, social media channels, and phone lines will likely be bombarded with questions about the legitimacy of your business from potential customers. This wastes valuable time on your end and from your service representatives. It can also make your jobs more stressful than they need to be.
  • Multiplier effect on negativity. When negative publicity about your brand comes out, it can become a point of discussion among people in forums, social media, blogs, and other platforms online. This can increase the number of undesirable search results associated with your brand name, worsening the problem over time.

If you see any negative search results when you type your brand name on Google, act decisively and nip the problem at the bud. Call SearchWorks for immediate help with online reputation management.

ORM Scope of Services

Every online reputation management campaign is tailor-fitted to the needs of specific clients.

  • Negative publicity audit. A report on the number and nature of negative search results for your brand name. and executes the scope and severity of the penalty and the webmaster is notified about the situation via Google Search Console.
  • Web property audit. A report on all web properties that may be optimized to push down negative search results.
  • Positive publicity audit.A report on the number and nature of positive and neutral search results that can also be optimized to push down negative search results.
  • SEO for official website. Application of SEO services for your official website.
  • Entity optimization. Optimization of a brand or person’s name to help it appear better on Google local listings, featured snippets, and other search feature.
  • SEO for external web properties. Application of SEO services for web pages outside the official website.

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ORM Scope of Services