PeepCon 2.0 Presentation Decks: All in One Place

PeepCon 2.0

Last weekend was a milestone for the Philippine SEO community. PeepCon 2.0 finally happened as GDI Online Marketing hosted 215 attendees who eagerly listened to a world-class roster of speakers.

Mike King of iPullRank , Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO, Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO and Jason Acidre of Xight Interactive delivered foir amazing presentations. If you missed PeepCon or if you just want to review their decks, we have all of them right here:


The Renaissance of Technical SEO by Mike King (iPullRank)


Using Brand Strategies for SEO by Jason Acidre (Xight Interactive)


Modern Day Link Building by Jon Cooper (Point Blank SEO)

Data Driven SEO by Dan Petrovic (DEJAN SEO)


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