Last Feb. 17th, 2018, the long-anticipated PeepCon 3.0 SEO conference finally happened. Suffice it to say, the event went off without a hitch and more than 300 attendees went home really satisfied with the quality and quantity of insights they got from the speakers. At this point, there can be no more doubt as to which SEO conference stands tall above all others in the Philippines – perhaps even in the whole of Southeast Asia.


As promised, we’ve uploaded all the speaker presentations to SlideShare and embedded them in this post for easy reference.


Cyrus Shepard: State of SE0: 2018


Cyrus talks about how SEO has evolved to this point and what challenges search marketing professionals are currently up against. It’s not all doom and gloom, though, as he also provides insights on emerging trends and how we can leverage them.


Ruth Burr reedy: Why You Should Invest in Technical SEO


Ruth Burr Reedy discusses why technical SEO simply cannot be ignored in the modern age of search engines. She also provides helpful and actionable advice on how to make your site the fastest, most stable and most crawlable version of itself.

Rob Ousbey:  What Content and Why?


Rob discussed the paramount importance of content that resonates well with a target audience. He also provides advice on how you can zero in on a subset of people, tailor-fit your content strategy around them and maximize the impact of your messaging.


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Profiling for Personalized Content Marketing


Jec Gonzales picks up where Rob left off by going in-depth on how to zero in on the ideal audience for your content.


Jason Acidre: Link Building in 2018


Philippine SEO mainstay Jason Acidre talks about link building strategies that yield quality backlinks in today’s landscape. This is a collection of innovative and creative techniques that anyone can apply right away.


Dean Chew: Avoiding Google Penalties by Appearing Squeaky Clean


Dean Chew discusses what it takes to earn a Google penalty, how to get it revoked and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.


Cyrus Shepard: Experimentation: A Superior Framework+Offering for SEO


Cyrus talks about the mystery of a money site that lost its rankings and traffic for no apparent reason. He then takes us through a trial-and-error process where different on-page SEO aspects are tweaked until he finds a combination that clicks.



Dana DiTomasso: Your Website Doesn’t Matter: Local SEO in 2018 and Beyond


Dana DiTomasso talks about local SEO and its importance to today’s marketing landscape. Get ready to find out about local SEO signals that you may not have known mattered.


Sam Nam: The SEO’s Guide to Learning Google AdWords SEM


SEM and analytics master Sam Nam talks about tangents between the SEO and SEM disciplines and how SEOs can find Google AdWords campaign management second nature. He provides useful, actionable tips on landing pages, ad structures, keyword targeting, bid management, ad copywriting and more.


There you have it. In a few weeks, we’ll be uploading the full videos of every presentation. It’ll take a few weeks to edit the clips, but we guarantee you that the wait will be worth it.

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