PeepCon Attendees to Get Killer Bonus from Siteoscope


Just when you thought PeepCon couldn’t possibly pack more value for money, the goodies just keep pouring in. Our friends over at the creators of pulled out all the stops and we’re glad to announce that everyone who attends the PeepCon will receive a 90-day free trial of their awesome search marketing tool!

Siteoscope is a brand new service that provides search marketers the following capabilities:

  • Daily Rank Tracking – Track how you’re performing for your target search terms. Perfect for monitoring performance and reporting to clients.


  • Competitor Tracking & Analysis – Keep tabs on competitors as you jostle for position in the SERPs. Find out what they’re doing and get insights to counter their strategies.


  • Analytics & Traffic Insights–Stats don’t lie and Siteoscope helps you make sense of the numbers. Find out which of your activities are paying off and which ones aren’t justifying the investments you’re making.


  • Daily Social Media Analysis – Is your social media strategy generating enough buzz to make you relevant? Track and report daily.


The team is dedicated to developing more audits, functions and analytics on your dashboards, this is a tracking tool every site owner should have.

Oh, and you don’t have to wait until March 28th to get your hands on Siteoscope. You can sign up for free here and start using it today.


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