PPC Management Services
from the Philippines

PPC Management Services from the Philippines

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We take care of the heavy lifting and the finer details so you can focus on growing your business. From making your ads more visible to making sure your campaigns are running efficiently, SearchWorks is your partner every step of the way. Our team of experts have guided the SEM efforts of Fortune 500 enterprises and startups alike, so you know you’re in good hands when you choose us.


What to Expect from SearchWork's PPC Services

PPC management work from the Philippines can compete with the best in the world. Here are some reasons why we attract and retain clients:

  • ROI-based Reporting – Unlike other PPC agencies who look only at clicks and conversions when measuring a campaign’s performance, SearchWorks takes pride in using the right metrics to gauge success. Returns on investment (ROI) tells a much better story and helps us determine which aspects of your paid search program are working and which ones need fine-tuning. ROI empowers us to make informed decisions on where we need to invest more and where we need to cut some losses.
  • More Conversions – At the end of the day, it’s all about doing better business online. We get that and the campaigns we manage are focused on generating more conversions. Whether your desired visitor actions are downloads, opt-ins or sales, we’ll help you use PPC to get more while paying less.
  • Lower Cost-Per-Click Rates – By choosing the right keywords, writing compelling ad copy and driving visitors to the best landing pages, we increase your campaign’s quality scores. Search engines like Google reward quality with more prominent placement and lower costs on a per click basis. The result: bigger savings, more bang for your buck and enhanced chances of capturing qualified leads.
  • Outhustle Competitors – Want to take away some business from your competitors and add them to your own? No problem. We can help you see what makes their campaigns tick and what we can do to leverage that against them.

PPC Management Deliverables

When you become our PPC client, SearchWorks will be responsible for providing you with:

  • Comprehensive Strategy and Planning – We’ll analyse everything from the nature of your industry, the status of the market, your offering’s value proposition and your website’s readiness for search engine marketing. Based on macro insights, we’ll drill down to the smaller details and recommend the tactics to use.
  • Campaign Buildout or Overhaul – If you don’t have existing PPC campaigns, we’ll take care of everything from account setup, campaign buildouts, campaign optimization and right down to conversion tracking. We build PPC campaigns that are logically structured and contextually related to make sure everything you need can be accessed with a few clicks.

If you have an existing PPC account and campaigns, we’ll review them and see how we can improve them based on proven methodologies and processes.

  • Detailed Reports – Our reports reflect the work we put in. We send weekly updates to make you aware of what’s going on and how your campaign resources are being used. We believe that full visibility and total transparency are the prime elements of every great business relationship.
  • Landing Page Optimization Advice – Great ads alone don’t make a PPC program profitable. The pages where you send visitors also have big impacts on how much successful your campaigns are. We’ll analyse each landing page that you choose for your ads and we’ll provide you with a set of recommendations that will help it convert at a higher rate. We can also do A/B and multivariate tests to identify winning elements in your landing pages.
  • Weekly Online Meetings – Frequent communication is the key to successful partnerships. We understand that and we take the time to converse with our clients. When you hire SearchWorks, you’re allotted 30 minute calls per week to discuss campaign status, calibrate performance and ask questions that we’ll be happy to answer.
For inquiries, please use our Contact Us page. We will respond to you within the next 24 hours. Drop us a line today and let’s get started in running a PPC program that helps grow your business.