SearchWorks: All the Decks in One Place

They said it couldn’t be done, but they haven’t been paying attention to what we’ve been doing for several years now. On June 22nd, 2019, the Philippine SEO community experienced its first ever 100% free SEO conference as SearchWorks hit town and delivered on every promise made in its name.

Thanks to our generous sponsors TrueLogic Online Solutions, 50X Digital and Annelle Digital, we were able to put together a premium-grade SEO conference featuring presentations from some of the country’s brightest SEO minds. Not only that, but we also kept the crowd literally fed and happy thanks to the complimentary food that the venue provided.

Typically, events like these would charge no less than 3,000 Philippine pesos per head for admission but we proved that it can be done for free with a little good will and a genuine commitment to serving the local SEO community. That commitment continues as we’re now releasing SearchWorks’ presentation decks to the general public. Dig in:

How to use PPC data to improve SEO

By Marq Untivero of 50X Digital

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How to Create Content That Can Earn 100+ Links

By Jimmy Cassells of Spiralytics

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Designing Email Conversations

By Mike Villar of Growth Rocket


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Content Strategy Simplified

By Micah De Jesus

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SEO for Apps

By JC Carlos of Traveloka

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Effective Link Development for Individuals & Agencies

By Dean Chew of Ayima

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Kaizen-Style Link Building

By Venchito Tampon Jr. of SharpRocket

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7 SEO Tasks You Can Do Every Month

By Jason Acidre of Avaris

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Special thanks to the Q and A panelists: Jec Gonzales, Floyd Gonda, Bernard San Juan, Jayson Bagio and Jun Baranggan.