SEO Presentation Deck Motherload from PeepCon

PeepCon view from the stage

As promised, we’re releasing the presentation decks from PeepCon, GDI’s non-profit digital marketing conference held at The Heritage Hotel Manila. A total of 215 people attended to hear 15 of the best digital marketers in the land share their insights on the latest trends in search engine optimization.

A total of 14 presentations were delivered and at the moment, we have 10 of them in hand. We’ll add the remaining four throughout this week. For now, enjoy this motherload of SEO knowledge goodness.

Eight On-site SEO Issues that Kill Organic Rankings

By: Glen Dimaandal

A list of eight commonly-overlooked on-site SEO problems that can cause a site to struggle in the SERPs plus suggestions on how to address them.


SEO Considerations When Migrating to HTTPS

By: Kenneth Sytian

A high-level view of the value of setting up a secure site and the ranking benefits that go along with it. You’ll also learn about the types of SSL, what you need to get started and the process you can expect to go through when making the transition.


How to Create Effective and Optimized Content

By: Jen Silverman

This deck helps you develop better content that gets found on searches and consumed by readers. From the ideation processes to optimization best practices, this presentation covers a lot of ground.


How to Promote Your Content Beyond Simple Sharing

By: Valerie Deveza

In this presentation, you’ll learn how to get the most traction from your social media marketing activities. Getting your content to reach new audiences isn’t just about posting, sharing and commenting. Valerie’s deck shows you the savvy way to do it.


How To Get Content-Driven Conversions

By: Jec Gonzales

So maybe this deck doesn’t quite do justice to Jec’s super entertaining presentation at PeepCon. Still, it packs all the knowledge he dropped that day on how you can use content marketing to drive more value to your business.


Effective Link Building

By: Jason Acidre

Links are still very important in today’s SEO landscape but they’re much harder to get by than ever before. This presentation discusses effective and ethical strategies you can use to give your sites big ranking boosts.


Link Qualification for Better Link Acquisition

By: Venchito Tampon Jr.

How do you know you’re looking at the kind of sites that will give you the best backlinks? Venchito’s presentation shows you the metrics and qualities that you should check before proceeding to the next steps. You’ll save time and get better rankings by following this guide.


Infographics – Building Links the Visual Way


Tired of the usual guest post-based link building routine? Get a little more creative and visual. Infographics are a great alternative to text content when you want to attract social shares and natural links.

That Thing Called Analytics

By: JJ Pike

JJ Pike presents a high level view of why analytics is crucial to a successful SEO program. From cleaning your data to drawing actionable insights, this deck has it all.


Goal Setting and KPIs for SEO

By: Sheila Dela Pena

Without setting goals, you have nothing to measure your SEO program’s success with. This presentation shows you how to identify appropriate targets and metrics that tell the full story of your campaign’s effectiveness.

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