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Philippines by SearchWorks

At SearchWorks, we offer professional and ethical search engine optimization (SEO) services at the most reasonable prices. We are nicely positioned in the Philippines: a rich Southeast Asian labor market teeming with knowledgeable search marketing professionals. If you’re looking for a white hat SEO company that charges a mere fraction of what US-based agencies do, you’ve come to the right place.

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Depending on the type and scale of services you need, the prices of our SEO services will vary. To give you a better idea of how much we charge, here’s a list of the things we do best and their cost ranges:

Full Scale SEO Program

Most of our clients would rather focus on running successful enterprises than on getting their sites to rank in searches. For that reason, we offer complete SEO programs on a monthly retainer basis. With this services, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. From keyword research, technical optimization, promotion and analytics, we’ve got all the bases covered for you. Depending on the size of your site, the state that it’s in and the complexity of your architecture, we’ll give you a quote that fits your business needs.

We use 100% white hat practices to help your listings climb the SERPs. While other agencies describe their SEO programs like it’s magic, we believe in the original way of ranking up: by earning it. The basis of search engine prominence is relevance and relevance is achieved by making a site genuinely great at what it does. We do not guarantee rankings but we guarantee continuous growth in organic search traffic to your pages.

Prices start at: $1,500 per month.

Link Building

If you already have the technical and content aspects of SEO worked out and you just need authority signals to take your rankings to the next level, our link building services are just for you. We offer natural link acquisition and link attraction services that will earn you the favor of the major search engines. We also help you rack up equally valuable brand mentions and social shares to help increase the chances of earning more links.

We distinguish ourselves from most other outsourced SEO service providers with the fact that our link building is 100% spam free. We acquire links through thought leadership, collaborations and content promotion. All our tactics are geared towards improving your rankings without putting you at risk of business-threatening Google penalties.

Prices start at: $180 per placement.

Penalty Removal

Did your site suffer from an abrupt ranking decline? There’s a very real possibility that it might have been hit with a penalty from Google. Penalties are levied when a site blatantly violates Google’s quality guidelines. Low quality content, unnatural links, malware and misleading information are all grounds for both algorithmic and manual actions against your site. When this happens, you’ve got a lot of work in your hands on your road to redemption.

SearchWorks offers penalty assessment and removal services. Depending on the cause of the penalty, the scale of the cleanup job and the work involved in getting your site back to Google’s good graces, our rates may vary considerably.

Prices start at: $500

Site Audit and Recommendations

For clients who have in-house SEO teams but need advanced guidance to get their SEO programs to jell, we offer SEO assessment services. This includes a full review and audit of a site based on a set of ranking factors. We will then create a detailed report on what the site’s current capabilities are, what issues are limiting its ranking ability and what steps can be taken to address the issues. Depending on the size of the site and the scale of its needs, we will submit a 50-150 page report as the main deliverable.

Prices start at: $500

SEO Consultancy

Pick the brains of our digital marketing experts and ask them anything you need advice on regarding SEO. We offer professional SEO consulting services on a per-hour basis at the most reasonable prices. We also engage clients in periodic sessions where we evaluate their SEO work and provide them with insights on what they can do to keep making their programs better.

Prices start at: $100 per hour

SEO Training

Need your staff to upgrade their skills? We offer a combination of classroom-style and hands-on SEO trainings that want to do their optimization in-house. We offer classes that turn novices into pros and pros into experts. Our training programs are all based on proven, ethical methods practiced by Fortune 500 enterprises.

Prices start at: $300/day

Penny-pinching Gets You Nowhere

You may think that we price our services higher than the average Philippine SEO agency, but there’s a good reason for that. SearchWorks only hires the most talented, motivated and experienced online marketing professionals that we can find. Each member of our team is a college graduate and has at least 5 years of experience in SEO and related fields. We screen them carefully based on aptitudes and work ethic. When you hire SearchWorks, you are tapping into the best of what Philippine SEO has to offer.

Unlike other SEO companies, we don’t mess around with the livelihood of our clients. Our team means business and we are intent on knocking down your goals using ethical methods. That means no gimmicks, no shortcuts and no black hat tactics that will get your site in trouble. Our vision is to help all of our clients gain greater search visibility without compromising the site’s integrity.

Leave a message on the Contact page today and let me know what your needs are. My team and I will be happy to help you arrive at the most effective and most practical solutions to your inbound marketing requirements.

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