The SEO Tools We Use

It takes more than a good strategy and expert-level skills to earn strong rankings in competitive niches. SEO tools are necessary for gathering accurate information and speeding up labor-intensive processes. To serve our clients in the best way possible, SearchWorks invests in some of the search marketing industry’s best applications and services.

When you hire SearchWorks for SEO work, you can expect your campaigns to be powered by a battery of free and paid tools trusted by most SEO professionals around the world. These include:

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Perhaps the most recognizable brand in the search marketing scene, Moz offers a suite of tools that grant us access to link, social signal and branding data for client and competitor sites. This data is used to establish SEO program baselines which are instrumental for the formulation of winning strategies. Moz is more than just a simple backlink profile analysis tool: it also has reporting, project management and analytics components that provide us with even more actionable information.


This browser-based app can be used to gather key information about link peospects including its PageRank, Alexa rank, Google cache date, etc. The resulting information can then be exported to CSV files for further processing. When used in tandem with Google’s search operator commands and advanced settings, SEOQuake becomes the best free tool for link prospecting bar none.


Although SEMRush was developed primarily for competitive PPC keyword research, it offers a lot of value to SEOs who are looking for in-depth insights. SEMRush delivers good estimates on traffic and revenue figures of competitors for every keyword that they’re ranking for. This data gives us the intelligence needed in picking the right battles against tough rival sites.


When outreach-based link acquisition is required to help a site move up in the SERPs, we like using a tool called BuzzStream. This service allows us to automate the link prospecting process, then reach out to site administrators for guest posting and link suggestion opportunities. This tool saves us tons of time, helping us build a bunch of good links at a quicker rate.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools shows us how Google perceives client sites from relevance, usage, technical health and inbound link perspectives. This information shows areas of improvement that the SEO program should focus on. It’s also the primary basis for penalty assessment and remediation efforts.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is the ultimate SEO tool for on-site optimization. This desktop application simulates how search engine bots discover and read pages, allowing us to gather tabulated information that shows the status of internal links, pages and in-content ranking factors. This allows us to optimize your site structure, find technical issues and identify weak pages that need edits. Instead of taking us days to manually gather information from your pages, Screaming Frog does it in literally minutes.


The Ahrefs site explorer is the most powerful backlink profile analysis tool on the Web. It constantly refreshes to give you the most accurate link data reports. Other useful data such as link types, anchors and dofollow/nofollow attributes are available to give us better insights on how to manage your site’s links.

Majestic SEO

Another great link analysis service, Majestic SEO is used for gathering valuable information that serves as the basis for link acquisition campaigns. With Majestic, we discover sites that have the potential to provide high-impact, editorially-granted and ethical links that can make a substantial difference in the presence of our clients in the SERPs.

Google Analytics

We can’t improve what we aren’t measuring. To that end, we use Google Analytics to monitor traffic, analyze user behavior and track goal fulfillments. This free service allows us to make data-driven decisions that will keep the focus of optimization efforts in the right areas. Google Analytics is great for giving us big picture insights as well as hints that determine tactical adjustments we need to make.

Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is primarily a keyword research tool designed for use with Google Adwords PPC campaigns. However, it’s also a potent SEO tool due to the keyword data that it yields. SearchWorks uses it for choosing the best search terms and generating content ideas. When we need to choose which terms to prioritize, Keyword Planner is our go-to research tool.

With this arsenal of tools, SearchWorks is fully equipped to help you thrive in competitive online marketing verticals. Contact us today and find out how we can help you attract more customers by pushing your search listings higher up in the rankings.

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