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Website visibility is one thing, but all that traffic won’t grow your business if visitors aren’t satisfied with what your website has to offer. A well-designed user experience (UX) scheme is essential to eliciting positive visitor behavior leading to the conversion of traffic into paying customers.

SearchWorks offers expertly-crafted website design services that balance user experience and marketing elements. Our team of web designers and developers have the experience, artistry, and technical know-how to put together pages that rank well on search, build your brand, and speak to your audience with style and persuasiveness.

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What is Website UX?

Website UX pertains to the process of designing the journey of prospective visitors to an online property. It involves several touch points including branding, traffic acquisition channels, its design scheme, its information architecture, usability and functionality.

All of these factors should work in synergy to produce interactions with the website that are relevant, meaningful and satisfying to its users. In that regard, it usually takes an inter-disciplinary team to plan and build truly effective user experience schemes.

User Experience

Why Does UX Matter?

Simply put, good user experience matters because it’s the biggest determinant of your website’s success. Whether you’re pursuing sales, leads, downloads or brand recognition using your property, good UX will help you achieve your goals.

An intuitive, easy-to-use, and fulfilling website allows people to find information that’s relevant to their respective intents. The more rewarding their experiences are on your website, the more they’ll interact with it, drive revenue to it, and act as free evangelists for it.

Website UX Considerations

When planning a website’s overall user experience, there are several factors to consider in every decision you make. These include the following elements:

  • Branding. As the official representation of your business on the Internet, the website needs to exude your brand and its messaging. As such, your color palette, your fonts, your design language and your imagery all have to be consistent between the brand and the website.
  • Traffic Sources. Knowing where traffic is coming from is essential to  planning your webpages’ UX. The quantity of traffic coming from search engines, social media, emails, ads, and referring websites have to be accounted for in order to maximize your ability to convert them to leads.
  • SEO. Your website can be eye candy, but if it doesn’t follow SEO best practices, its success will be limited by its inability to attract quality visitors. When SearchWorks works on your UX, we ensure that it balances SEO principles with the rest of the elements involved in the packaging of the site.
  • Design. Your website’s layout, navigation scheme, page hierarchy and information architecture all factor into its general design language. Effective UX means that the design should correspond strongly with your branding while not getting in the way of SEO. SearchWorks’ inter-disciplinary team of experts know this all too well and have a wealth of experience in making all these UX facets click with your desired design.
  •  Usability. Usability pertains to the degree to which users can navigate a website and find what they’re looking for with ease. A usable website has an intuitive structure, proper hyperlinks leading to content, and a presentation scheme that will not confuse or mislead visitors.
  • Functionality. Websites that offer experiences that involve more than just text and images usually have special functionalities. When crafting a site’s UX design, your scheme should highlight these special functions since they set your website apart from the rest of the field.
  • Conversions. Ultimately, your website’s purpose is to generate outcomes that benefit your business directly. Therefore, every aspect of your user experience plan should be executed with conversions in mind whether you’re after direct sales, leads, or other goal completions.

The UX Optimization Process

Optimizing your website’s user experience involves several steps to thoroughly cover every facet. When you hire SearchWorks, you can expect us to take the following  route to make sure you have the best UX scheme possible:

  • Brand Audit. A full evaluation of your brand, the work that has been put into it so far and your audience’s response towards it.
  • Traffic Acquisition Audit. A thorough analysis of where your website’s traffic is coming from, how the traffic is being generated and what has been done so far to get to your level. Baselines on traffic trends will be established and recommendations on how to grow your traffic further will also be made.
  • Behavioral Analytics Baselines. We will measure your audience’s behavioral metrics including its bounce rate, average time on site, click-through rates, conversion rates, clickstream, and more. An improved user experience will need to be validated by substantial improvement in all of these metrics.
  • SEO Audit. This is a full report evaluating the state of every SEO element on the website. It will also contain recommendations on how to address every area of improvement. When being done in conjunction with UX, the SEO campaign should be crafted in a way that does not interfere with the website’s design as much as possible.
  • UX Design Brainstorming. After completing the audits, the design can start going on draft. This will be based on a brainstorming session with you so we can fully understand your vision and make it come to life.
  • Design Mock-ups and Staging. We’ll begin showing you image previews of the new design which you’ll have to sign off on before production starts in earnest. If everything looks good, design and development will follow until we’re able to show you a working preview in a closed staging environment.
  • Deployment. You’ll be given a final preview of the website in the staging environment. Once you feel it’s ready to go live, we’ll set a deployment date for the switch from your old UX to the new one. We will continue to monitor the website to make sure any unexpected glitches are addressed immediately.

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