Why Creating a Customer Journey Map is Important to UX Design

As digital technology continues to transform modern life, customer journeys are steadily becoming more complex. Any business aspiring to succeed in this radically changed landscape must be able to provide a coherent experience and consistent brand message across multiple channels. Such channels include websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, advertisements, and in-person interactions with salespeople and customer support representatives. Businesses must also utilize the unique strengths of each channel to build customer loyalty and drive greater profits.

While this seems like a tall order operationally, today’s businesses don’t have the luxury of not putting in the work. Current research suggests that user experience, or UX, is rapidly overtaking price and product as the biggest factor for setting a business entity apart from its competitors.

It’s in your best interest to make your business more experience-driven, and improving your business website’s UX design is a sensible first step. You can work with a reputable web design agency in the Philippines, like SearchWorks.PH, to implement a UX strategy called a customer journey map. This will allow you to understand the kinds of experiences your customers can have on your site and what exactly they desire from it—and, more broadly, from you. From there, you’ll be able to fine-tune your website in ways that can meet and even exceed their expectations.

Let’s go through the basics of customer journey mapping and how it can elevate UX design.

What Is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a visual rendering of your customers’ interactions with your brand across its various channels and touchpoints. This map includes any contact they make with your brand both before and after purchasing your products and services. Businesses typically use customer journey maps to identify three important things:

  • What a customer needs
  • The concrete steps customers take to meet those needs and attain their overall goals
  • The evolution of the customer’s emotional state throughout the experience

By pinpointing customers’ needs and also uncovering how each interaction with the brand makes them feel, UX professionals can create a succinct, compelling, and easily visualized story. Stakeholders across the organization can then interpret this narrative and use the resultant insight to reshape the customer experiences they offer.

What Can a Customer Journey Map Do for Your Business Website?

Customer journey maps are valuable tools that can improve the user experience on business websites in a host of ways. Let’s take a look at a few of the most compelling:

Enhance Overall User Experience

You can certainly do your best to imagine how internet users will interact with your website, what kind of experience they’ll be looking for, and what design elements your site should incorporate to meet those needs. However, it’s highly likely that these projections will differ significantly from how real human users end up interacting with your site and what they’ll desire from it overall.

Customer journey mapping gives you insight into actual customer behavior, which your web development team can then use to make more informed design choices. With this insight in hand, you and your web designer can capitalize on a website’s strengths and address its most common user pain points more effectively.

Encourages More Users to Engage with Your Business

A customer journey map will also shed light on aspects of your website that users might struggle with, such as confusing navigation, poor readability, or lack of mobile optimization. When you leverage customer journey mapping to address these sources of friction, you’ll be on your way to making your website more accessible overall. Prioritizing usability in your UX design will, in turn, pave the way for more users—including those with physical disabilities or limited access to technology—to interact with your site.

In a similar way, customer journey mapping can also reveal instances where your content and copy might alienate members of particular demographics. These moments can teach you about how to avoid accidentally discriminatory content and instead produce content that’s relevant and inclusive to all kinds of people.

Enables Omnichannel Marketing

As mentioned above, the highly digitalized nature of today’s world requires modern businesses to pursue an omnichannel approach to marketing. That is, modern businesses must ensure that their user experience is as seamless and smooth as possible across all the channels that their customers use.

For example, if a customer is browsing the product catalog on your website but wants to complete their transaction on your mobile app for one reason or another, they shouldn’t have any difficulty doing so. Any items that they add to their cart or wish list on your website must thus also be reflected on the app.

One of the reasons omnichannel marketing is so effective—and therefore worth investing in for businesses—has to do with the mere-exposure effect. This psychological principle argues that people naturally tend to prefer or favor things they’re already familiar with. Thus, if you use customer journey mapping to unify the marketing approach you employ on your website and on your other channels, you’ll be able to boost customers’ familiarity with and affinity for your brand.


No matter how big your business is or what products and services it offers, you’ll need a good understanding of your customer experience to be able to achieve long-term success. As long as you do it correctly, customer journey mapping can help you create a highly effective and customer-centric website—and, more broadly, improve UX across your entire brand.

A competent web designer will be able to help you roll out an effective customer journey map. For relevant insight on what you can do to enhance your website’s UX design—and the expertise to put it all into practice—get in touch with the SearchWorks team.

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