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SearchWorks offers professional web design services from the Philippines with over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field.

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Whether you’re building a new website from scratch, revamping a dated one or migrating from one CMS platform to another, we have the ability to make things happen for you in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Drop us a line today and let’s discuss how we can move you closer to achieving your business goals with our web design services.

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Services to Complement Web Design

Our global client base relies on us not only for building visually magnetic and technically sophisticated web properties, but also for auxiliary services that breathe life into websites. As a one-stop shop for online marketing solutions, we can be relied on for related services such as:

Platforms We Work With

We have the expertise to work with a wide range of CMS platforms including, but not limited to, the following:

What is Web Design?

Web design is the process of conceptualizing, creating, coding and refining a website’s visual and structural makeup. It is often more concerned with the front end of the website than the back end. It is also less concerned about software and web applications as it’s more focused on creating the webmaster’s intended look and feel for his audience.

Web design encompasses distinct but closely related areas of expertise including graphic design, information architecture, user experience design, code authoring and quality assurance. As such, web design can be performed by an individual with multiple skillsets or by a team with personnel who specialize in individual areas acting as an assembly line.

Web design is often confused with another discipline – web development. However, the two are different as web development is more concerned with getting websites up and running and less about how it looks. Web development work can range from something as simple as getting a single page text document on the web to something as complex as putting together an online banking system.

Web Designer Vector

The Web Design Process

We follow a simplified, four-stage process for all of our web design projects. This process ensures that we’ve got all the bases covered while allowing full transparency for our clients every step of the way:


Phase 1: Planning & Strategy

This is the part when we and the clients brainstorm on the ideal look and feel of the website. We will make creative and technical recommendations but at the end of the day, the client’s vision for his web property is the ultimate consideration.

After agreeing on the design overview, we will present wireframes and mock-ups for the client to inspect. This guarantees that everyone is on the same page and it eliminates unpleasant surprises on the client’s part.

Web Development

Phase 2: Design and Development

This is the part when we put in the work in earnest. Design and development involves setting your CMS up on your servers, customizing its code, implementing the design, populating the site with content, integrating it with social media accounts, and more.

This is also the phase when the client is given a live preview of the website which he or she can critique. We will take note of each comment and apply revisions as needed.

Web Start-Up

Phase 3: Launch

When we’re absolutely sure that you’re happy with a preview of the site that we’ll put on a test server, we’ll schedule its go-live date and time. Throughout the launch process, we’ll take you by the hand until we’re 100% sure that the finished product is up to spec.

In the unlikely event that the unexpected happens, our team of seasoned web designers will be on standby to offer quick assistance.

Phase 4: Post-Launch

Phase 4: Post-Launch

If you require post-launch website maintenance or if you foresee the need for an on-going web design and development solution provider, SearchWorks has your back. We offer affordable retainer packages so you can get assistance anytime you need it. Let us do the technical stuff while you focus on growing your business.

Why Outsourcing Web Design is a Smart Move

At the turn of the century, broadband internet access started to proliferate globally, allowing businesses to operate offshore hubs despite geographic barriers. Initially, service outsourcing companies experimented with the idea of offshoring call center-type jobs. After finding great success with call centers, companies started looking for back office jobs – web design included.

Again, outsourcing proved to be a smart business move as companies started to realize a wide range of benefits including:

Dramatically Lower Costs

  • Up to 80% lower salary rates
  • No need to pay when you don’t need any work done
  • Eliminating taxes associated with hiring local employees
  • Eliminating costs associated with employee benefits
  • Eliminating costs associated with equipment for in-house employees
  • Cutting down on energy bills that a room full of designers will incur


  • No need to go through a rigorous hiring process
  • Spare yourself the trouble of on-boarding new personnel
  • Eliminating additional burden on your support teams such as accounting, HR and IT that new employees will bring
  • The option to terminate contracts anytime you no longer require the services

Why Does Web Design from
the Philippines Win?

While outsourcing web design work is generally a good idea, it’s even better when you do it in the Philippines. The country has several distinct advantages over other countries where outsourcing has boomed, including:

  • A young and talented workforce. The Philippines is one of Southeast Asia’s major population centers with a headcount of almost 110 million. A huge portion of its citizens are 40 years old and younger, making the country’s labor market among the richest in the region.
  • An English-speaking population. English is one of the country’s two major languages, which eliminates the communication barrier for anyone who wants to do business here.
  • A passion for excellence. Filipinos are among the hardest-working people you’ll ever meet and we pride ourselves on delivering satisfactory work. When you outsource web design work to the Philippines, you can be sure that you won’t walk away feeling that you didn’t get what you paid for.
  • Reasonable pricing. Being a developing economy, the Philippines has a low cost of living compared to more established markets. This makes the labor in the country relatively cheap for Western businesses who want the biggest bang for their bucks.

Web Design Services for Philippine Businesses

It’s not just foreign businesses that actively seek web design services from the Philippines. As the Philippine economy grows at an average rate of 6% per year, millions of Filipinos are lifted out of poverty and domestic consumption flourishes. Today’s average Filipino enjoys greater spending power and spends a lot of time on the Internet. This means that many purchasing decisions are formed online, opening new horizons for local entrepreneurs.

Whether you sell online or you operate a brick-and-mortar store, having a presence on the web allows your target market to reach you more easily. Presenting an attractive and professional image with a website is critical for creating a lasting impression that converts visitors into paying customers. Gone are the days when having a website was a novelty for businesses. In today’s economy, an online presence often spells the difference between a thriving enterprise and one that lags behind.

SearchWorks Online Marketing offers professional web design services to Filipino businesses at rates that are appropriate for the local market. Our job is to fully understand your vision for your website and turn concepts into reality. Our team of web design experts do a great job of taking our clients by the hand and guiding them through the web design process. We explain each phase in plain English, allowing you to know what we’re doing all throughout the engagement.

Our mission is to help digitalize the Philippine business sector one website at a time in our own small way. In our view, helping businesses harness the power of today’s technology will pave the way for a brighter tomorrow for all Filipinos.

Freelance, Agency and In-House Web Designers: The Pros and Cons

There are several ways you can outsource web design work from the Philippines. Each one has its own set of pros and cons. Here’s all you need to know about each one:

In-House Web Designers


In-house web design involves the direct hiring of people who will work for your company exclusively. There will be no third party involved and all their time will be allotted to tasks that you give them.

  • The designers will work only for you.
  • Available for website troubleshooting and updates at all times.
  • Great for mid-sized to large companies that have a constant stream of work
  • The employees can be molded according to your company culture
  • The designers will become experts in your products, services and processes as their tenures get longer.
  • You need to pay the designers whether you have something for them to work on or not.
  • You will need to shoulder the expenses for equipment.
  • You will have to pay for mandatory benefits and additional perks.
  • You will need your own recruitment mechanism.
  • You’ll have to go through the Philippine government’s registration process to operate an offshore office.

Web Design Agency


A web design agency is a company that specializes in the craft of designing and developing websites. They can range to just a few people working together in an office to enterprise-level solution providers with more than a hundred employees. They are often government-registered, adding to their level of corporate polish.

  • More cost-effective than building an in-house web design team
  • No need to set up a local business entity
  • No need to hire support personnel
  • No need to buy equipment for the designers
  • No need to pay for designer benefits and perks
  • Start and stop the engagement anytime you want
  • The agency will not work exclusively for you
  • You will likely be billed per project and not per hour
  • You may pay higher than what you’d have to pay a freelancer
  • Revision requests may be limited depending on the agency’s policies

Freelance Web Designer

Graphic Designer

Web design freelancers are individuals who practice their craft independent of employers. They often work from home-based offices and take on multiple clients at a time. Freelancers may be hired directly or via platforms such as oDesk and UpWork.

  • More cost-effective than building an in-house web design team
  • No need to set up a local business entity
  • No need to hire support personnel
  • No need to buy equipment for the designers
  • No need to pay for designer benefits and perks
  • Start and stop the engagement anytime you want
  • The agency will not work exclusively for you
  • You will likely be billed per project and not per hour
  • You may pay higher than what you’d have to pay a freelancer
  • Revision requests may be limited depending on the agency’s policies

Choosing the Right Web Design Agency

If you opt to hire a web design agency, you’ll need to keep in mind that not all agencies of this sort are equal. Some will be better suited for your needs than others. If you’re hiring a design agency for the first time, here are the things that you’ll want to keep an eye open for:

  • Government Registered. No credible web design agency operates without government registration and permission. When conversing with a possible service provider, ask for their registration documents and check if they’re up-to-date. Expired documents are just as bad as not having them at all. You’ll also want to ask if they can issue official receipts. Fly-by-night agencies will often refuse a request like that.
  • A Physical Office. A legitimate web design studio is rarely composed of people who work from their own respective households. Dynamic, cohesive and process-driven agencies often require employees to work in a facility where people can be trained and supervised properly. If you have the time and the means, request a visit to their facility so you can see how they work.
  • A Rich Portfolio. A web design agency that knows what it’s doing has to have dozens, if not hundreds, of websites under its belt. Ask for the agency’s portfolio and request to see some sample sites that they’ve built recently. This can help you gauge their level of expertise in the field.
  • Positive Feedback. An easy way to check how people feel about the web design agency you’re considering is a simple search on Google for their name., If negative material pops up, you may want to investigate the matter. You can also check reviews of their services on Google MyBusiness, yelp and other platforms. You can also ask for references whom you can contact and ask questions to before hiring the agency in question.